Very good Eyedol gameplay

If your looking for a good eyedol hit up ya boie delta rayquaza

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Yep, you have a nice Eyedol too. I saw some of your videos, but they were more combo showcases instead of sets. Do you have recorded long sets?

Here is a good length set between @DEClimax and I.

Ive played vs Spinal as Eyedol before so I know some of the struggles and I use some of the set to try to figure out ways to try to help vs said struggles. J

I havent been using Eyedol for a terribly long time so I default to a lot of obvious stuff because I kinda dont know any better, so expect a little roughness outside of what bit I may have learned in the lab.

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Love the video’s title XD

Its not untrue. but I wasnt that bad off. lol

I would like to play your Eyedol someday, I need more MU knowledge there

I have been playing a lot of Eyedol lately. I would be more then willing to play a set with you. Your Aganos is always a blast.

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Sounds good to me!

I have a decent Gargos too!


love these battles!!! omg i wanna play KI NOOOWWW!!!

mira is awesome!

Hey, wanna play a set?

Awn, I just saw this man :frowning:

Maybe during the weekend :slight_smile:

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