Vernon Hills, IL KI Tournaments!

Ok guys, I need your help! Anyone near the Vernon Hills area in Illinois, there is a Killer Instinct Tournament going on at a shop called Gamer’s World! It’s a $5 buy-in and it happens every Friday at 6PM with a bit of a leeway on time to get people in. Everyone is Always Welcome, you MAY bring your own controllers, and the tournament is Double Elimination.

GAMERS WORLD 1-847-573-1270 - Hawthorne Mall, Vernon Hills, IL


The pay out WILL be in Store Credit!

Update/Edit 2:
The First Official Killer Instinct Tournament was a success! We have fine tuned the rules for future Turn Outs.

  • Two Standard Xbox One Controllers will be available.
  • You may bring your own Controllers and FightSticks excluding Rapid Fire Controllers
  • Pausing mid round will cause a forfeit for the round
  • 3/5 Games 99 Seconds Per Round.
  • Wireless Controllers are OK.
  • You are responsible for your own items!
  • You MAY switch characters between rounds!

If you’re on Twitter, talk to Ultimate Source. They’re interested in helping out.

That’s really cool I never knew that. I work near Vernon Hills. I might have check this out. Only bad part is I work till 6pm. Is the tournament only at 4pm?

We are doing this weeks @ 6PM with Leeway to help get more players in, if that time sticks we’ll keep on with 6PM

Link Please! (Filler characters to be able to post.)

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