[OFFLINE] To all new players in the northern Chicago Suburbs!

I am very happy to say that every other week from this on forward, The local Tournaments at Gamer’s World Vernon Hills (122 Hawthorn Ctr. Vernon Hills, Illinois) will have a casual week devoted to new players and allowing anyone looking to get into the game to at least try it out. As usual every Friday there will still be a tournament happening, but there will be one for casual and then alternate with the regular rules! See existing rules for regular tourney’s here Vernon Hills, IL KI Tournaments! .

All rules are as normal excluding the following:

  • Rounds will be 2/3 99 seconds

  • Buy-in’s are $1 each if you chose to participate for the casual tourney’s

  • Combo-Assist is allowed like normal (wasn’t listed)

The ultimate goal of doing this is to get new players into Killer Instinct and at least to let people give it a chance.

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