Upload Studio - More Game Themed Options

I had posted a thread about this in the Season 2 forums, and it seemed to get positive response from the community, so I think it’s worth bringing up again. It’s technically only partially related to KI, and it’s more of a request directly to the Microsoft team members (@TempusChaoti), but I think it makes sense to discuss it here, as it pertains to the KI community. If this belongs in the Off-Topic thread instead, please feel free to move it! I wasn’t sure where the proper place for a thread/request like this was.

I take a lot of clips on my Xbox One, and I use Upload Studio to add themes, text, intros, transitions, and other adjustments to make these clips into little videos. When doing so, I have different options to choose from, ranging from generic fade ins and fade outs to game-specific themes, but I’ve come to realize that there is a lot of wasted potential for additional themes, most prominently with regards to Microsoft’s exclusive titles.

The two games I currently make the majority of my clips from are Killer Instinct and the remastered Gears Of War. Currently, neither of these two have a single theme in Upload Studio, meaning that I’m not able to really specialize each video to match the game it is about. There are a bunch of other games which are prominent on the console, yet do not have any themed content in Upload.

I think anyone who uses Upload Studio would agree with me that adding more game-specific themes to the app would go a long way towards improving both the enjoyment of creating videos with it, and the variety/quality of clips produced with it. Imagine making a montage of your favorite moments from KI and selecting a theme based on your favorite character, or even just a generic theme with the Killer Instinct logo on it! Wouldn’t that make your KI clips better?

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I’m inclined to agree - I would like to see more game-specific themes for the Upload Studio app as well.

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I would be pretty stoked to see some KI themed Upload studio themes. There is an “arcade” theme but it’s a really weird joystick plus three buttons layout and just an ugly color. Why not have an awesome KI arcade cabinet render? That doesn’t seem like it would be all that hard.

Incidentally, I hadn’t done anything in Upload for a while and I was impressed when I went to work on a video the other day. Seems like things are faster and more functional than they were in the beginning. Well done Upload folks.

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I Honestly think this would be great! They had something like that at E3, so why not make a KI Upload Theme a reality? Plus, more titles are better!

At the risk of annoying him, I’m going to tag @TempusChaoti again in hopes he sees this and can bring this up with the correct people!

I didn’t know there were any options for fade in/out,e ct… I just thought it was the ole basics i have been using. I guess I need to look a lil deeper into the options… KI themes would be amazing! Brilliant idea!

I think ii tt will be ok. It’s not a bad thing to remind someone again of something, but just don’t spam names. Plus, I’m sure if It were to bother him, he’d tell you. Stay positive! :smile:

I really have a hard time understanding why this hasn’t been done. It would be great cross promotion for the game, microsoft’s upload feature, possibly OneDrive etc. And they have lots of art in existence for KI that they could just format into Upload. Designing a KI 2013 arcade machine template for Upload seems like a weekend’s work…

I know it’s easy to sit on the sidelines and demand more stuff, but this would be so cool.

Considering this still hasn’t been done, I think it might be worth pointing out that it would probably be a very welcome addition to do an update of this sort with a new Season coming out. Plus you have a lot of recently released or upcoming first party titles which could benefit from this kind of attention!

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Should probably direct this to the Xbox team instead of here. I doubt IG can do anything about it.

Been about a year, but I think it’s worthwhile to bring this up again;

@rukizzel @TempusChaoti can you please request some Killer Instinct themed stuff for Upload Studio from the proper team at Microsoft?


I agree. I remember it was used to show off the capabilities of it during E3. It was a cool stylish one with lots of fire and Jago cinematics!

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Yes, please. We have a lot of people playing online tournaments and the subsequent need to share matches makes KI themes seem pretty relevant.