Updating the lifebars to match the new UI

This has been bothering me since the start of Season 2. I would really like the style that was applied to the UI applied to the in game HUD…Life bars, Shadow Meter, etc. Is there any chance that will happen, I know Arbiter and Aria have unique life bars so I wondered if this was something that was being considered?

People have asked for the in-game UI to be updated to better fit the new Season theme since S2, and we’ve always gotten the statement that they would like to, but aren’t sure what to change and it takes work that’s not a priority for them.

All in all it doesn’t look like it’ll happen, so we’re stuck with a mess of an in-game UI with a wide variety of fonts and styles that don’t mesh together or fit the main menu UI style.

Well, it’s never truly bothered me, so…

Honestly, I really like the way the health bars look, so Im fine with them staying the same.

I have no problem with them. Looks fine to me, just being overly critical imo.

The life bars are fine to me, though if really like it if they made the fonts match up. The combo don’t looks like season one and doesn’t match either the names at the select screen or the “supreme victory” / “awesome victory” font. I wish they’d pick a single style (preferably the victory font) and use variations of that where possible.

It’s not the most dire thing ever, but in terms of polish and overall aesthetics, I’d like to see it happen before this version of KI is done.

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