Updating the In-Game HUD

Like everyone here I am very excited about Season 3 coming out, it seems that there is going to be another change to the UI within the game menus which I hope changes the layout for the Character Select screen. The other thing I would love to see is finally updating the In Game HUD to match the new UI Style. As it stands it looks like 2 different games in a way and its always bothered me since its inception.

Also if the people designing the UI could properly kern (The spacing between text) the text this time around it would be a subtle yet notable change throughout the design.

What does everyone think of changing the In-Game HUD, Yay or Nay?

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I think they should keep it the same, but be a mix between S1 & S2…or just have explosions and more fire…LOL XD

I’d like it if the in game UI font & lockout symbol were changed. I personally still want the metal vibe that the Supreme/Awesome Victory screens have but maybe with little more flare added (sparks, hot edges, steam)

I persoally think the in game UI is good, but I would only change minor things. For example, have the combo text to match the “Ready” and victory texts like in the originals. One other thing I would suggest is to have something simmilar to guilty gear for when you complete or drop a combo with the combo text. If you complete a combo you’ll get the text similar to the “Ready” text that looks chrome with the little shine effect, but if you drop the combo you’ll get text that looks dull and scratched up like the 2013 KI logo. What you guys think? @TheKeits

I think the current design is perfect! Just update the colours and change the “Press Menu” splash screen. And I agree, the ingame HUD needs updated.

We are on the same wavelength. All i really want is a new “Press Menu” screen. Season 1 was godlike compared to 2. Overall i’m fairly happy with in-game. Nothing major please.

Man, if they ever change the shadow meters in the in-game HUD, murder will be done in this thread. >_>

(EDIT: let’s play “Guess The Censored Expletive!” Hint: it is defined as the deliberate ending of another’s life, and it’s probably a word that 5-year-olds are familiar with and not too bothered by. Geez, swear filter.)

Yeah ive been saying this for months the whole game interface should match right now the in game is still season 1 with the rest season 2 for season 3 it should all be the same and match

I’ll leave my thoughts on the select screen and versus screen out as far as UI discussion, since that’s a whole different topic (also being discussed in a different thread) and just focus on the in match HUD.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing the design of the life bars and the shadow meters get an upgrade, as they tend to look a bit like place-holders. They’re not bad, by any means, but if there’s something with a bit more style that could be done without obscuring information, I’d be for it. Perhaps a slight thickness added to them, with the same silvery color of the “Supreme Victory” font.

My main issue tends to be with the fonts. I love the Supreme/Awesome fonts at the end. The combo font though is left over from season 1 and now looks way out of place. I wasn’t a fan of the season 1 Street Fighter-y UI, and this seems to be the final holdover. Something that looks a bit more stylish (hate to use such a vague word) would be nice.

To be more specific, perhaps having the word appear in shiny silver (a smaller, though identical version of supreme/awesome victory font), with larger shining red numbers next to them would be perfect for me. Maybe have a very brief, slight bloom effect when it disappears would also be cool.

Maybe even change the color of the number depending on how big the combo is. Dark blue for a 3 to 7 hit combo, dark green from 8 to 15, purple from 16 to 21, red from 22 to 27, bronze from 28 to 35 and gold from 36 and up, unless it’s an ultra combo, and maybe have the number be black, with a sort of coal like look, but on fire and have a small explosion graphic for the number when it appears on screen.

Either way, I’d love it if they streamlined the fonts and overall style of the in match HUD to match the Supreme/Awesome Victory font. Having a bunch of different fonts and styles everywhere gives the game more of a piecemeal look to it, and while I know that’s how the game is being developed, which has worked out great so far, I do think that some consistency in motifs can go a long way in the overall presentation, which I feel is rather important for a game like KI.

I personally love the in game hud and do not want it to change. I like the combo for with blood like splatter and the life bars just look so slick to me.

Changing main menus is one thing, but changing the way the actual game looks would annoy a lot of people.

I agree. I have no complaints towards the in game HUD. I wouldn’t mind some changes to the combo names to fit the “ready” text, but other than that I think it’s perfect

I’d love to have options, make one per season. Current beings season 1, make a hexagonal one with an ultratech motif for season 2 and make a purple and green smokey version for season 3.