Updated Tier List?

I’m curious on how the game has shaped up post killgore, but it seems like this game doesn’t have a defined tier list anywhere from the last 5 months, so is there somewhere in this site that discuss tiers?

Tbh, game is really a bit too balanced for tier lists. There isn’t a huge difference in viability between the worst and the best character.


Whenever I look at a tier list for KI I see characters that are extremely good at the lower ranks and extremely characters at the top.I end up disagreeing but I don’t know how I’d fix the list because every character is really good. So tier list don’t really work for this game which is really good.

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I think the only agreed upon thing with KI tiers is that Aganos is at the bottom. And even then plenty of people could argue against that and he consistently makes it far in tournaments.

He’s not. He’s firmly in the middle. Somewhere…

Personally thought everyone generally agreed that Fulgore was always in the discussion for top tier; but considering the changes Aganos has received for S3, I’m more on the side of mid, or upper mid (if I did one).

What are your thoughts?

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The game is well balanced, I don’t think there are many 7-3’s in the game. Perhaps Fulgore vs Gargos is a 7-3? And also Kilgore versus Aganos since the gatlings strip armour so easily. I’d be happy to go on record saying there are at most 6-4’s!

I’d argue that there are no 7-3’s. Gargos, in your example, can still perform well a long distance neutral against Fulgore with those punches.

Better midscreen if he has his underlings with him. He commands more respect.

I think at a high level of skill fulgore vs gargos might be 7-3. He has too many options to deal with gargos at all ranges and has a few key ways he can abuse gargos’s already poor defense–he has a meaningful high/low on heavies due to sweep and destroy, and teleport easily avoids heavy crusher.

I have my own thoughts on what the tiers were like last patch, but I’m really not interested in defending my placements here.

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What is this tier list you speak of? In the world of KI there is no such thing as a tier list every character is viable. I think the general agreement is jago and fulgore are somewhere a the top and shago is somewhere at the bottom.

Nah, between shadow blade dash, teleport and a laser that goes through both minions and gargos, Gargos needs to guess right many times to get Fulgore off him. Otherwise, he has to wait for Instinct to push Fulgore out with stone skin explosion and then he’s back in again.
Nothing wrong with a game having the odd 7-3 here and there, that’s how it goes with games.

I would have to disagree. Gargos can take care of Fulgore easily with minions out on the field. Isn’t that every match up though. The main thing is you need to play the match up differently against a Fulgore. Plus Gargos can just drain Fulgore’s meter.

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It difficult to have an universal agreement on tiers, specially KI.

Me personally, I think tier list should be based on real life, real player experience, real results in tournaments, because we can sit and discuss all day the documents of frame data, possible combos, set ups, etc of every character, but that is just paper.

Example, Morrigan in UMvC3 was not a top tier until Chris G won every tournament using Morrigan.

Of course there are cases where you can only accept when a character is broken like Meta Knight in Brawl or day 1 Bayonetta in Smash 4 but still, he was banned because real life players only used him to win in the game and she was pretty divisive till the update that make her a simple mortal.

But you know, just my opinion.

We’ve been working to get the official community tier list updated for you guys as soon as possible for 3.6.
No date, but hopefully soon.

Right now it’s still showing 3.2

Tier lists are always controversial here, since in KI any character is viable in the hands of a good player.

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Raam versus Glacius and Fulgore is really bad.


Honest tier list. Everyone is viable to win, however more characters are more op than other based on their play style and move set to a point its un nerfable to get rid of the stuff that makes them that good because it would take away at what makes that character THAT character.

Top 5 OP imo characters in no order
Omen a close 6

Why Maya and tusk may I ask? I really would like to hear your opinion on why.

Maya playstyle is amazing for KI combo system with her projectiles that lead to big unbreakables and an unblockable attack. You get punished for blocking her. Yes she sucks without the daggers, but its easy to have a gameplay and style that lead to very little situations where you don’t have them, look at Diamond. Overall you can’t nerf that stuff.

Tusk played right is non shadow counterable since he can deflect it on reaction, has amazing neutral buttons that make it easy for players to forget that they even have to play it, on top of that he hits the hardest without an instinct boost. Plus while in instinct he is Season 2 wulf that gives him a 15 second infinite block string you can’t shadow counter since there is a deflect window on it. You can’t reversal or shadow counter it to my knowledge. You have to sit there and hold it. @TheRealMil

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Also remember op does not equal broken.