UPDATED: I'm at 100% now, where is platinum Gargos?

On the bar denoting my total progress, it shows 90%. It has gold Gargos checked off. But I’ve checked the character under the Fighters menu, I’ve checked My Games and Apps to see if maybe I had to download it seperately, I don’t see it purchasable under the Skins menu and selecting Gargos doesn’t show me any option or skin for gold Gargos. I even tried closing the game and reopening it. I also got another dossier just in case I needed it to, I dunno, push me over the 90% bar a bit more.

Anyone else without the Definitive Edition have this issue when getting to 90%? Sorry if I’m being dense and missing something obvious. :slight_smile:

Just a quick question, probably a dumb one, but did you check Gargos’s colors? His gold & silver aren’t considered “skins” in the game, they fall after his color 9 on the colors list instead of with the skins list.

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No not a dumb question at all! I ran through his colors both after I hit 90% and after I exited the game, opened a different game, then reopened KI so it could start over. Gold Gargos is not in my colors, I just have the regular nine.

I think it should be with the Mimic and Shadow skins. Just press right on the colour select.

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I tried that several times. I checked under the Fighters menu in the store to see if its there for Gargos, I went in to the Skins section under the store, I also went in to survival mode just to scroll through the colors and all I have is 1 through 9 and I pressed right to go to the shadow and mimic skins and it’s not there.

It should be with his colours as they are named as Golden God and Argent Shroud. As to why it’s not there, I don’t know.

Have you played another Shadow Lords match? Fulgore 11 didn’t unlock for me until I did.

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Yeah, I played another match. I even got another dossier in that match. Not that it would overly matter, but just in case… I dunno… I wasn’t at exactly 90% even though the meter clearly indicates that I am by saying 90% and having gold gargos checked off.

I will check mine. Great Job on hitting the 90% mark. I need to admit that I never actually looked to see if it unlocked.

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Thanks, man! Much appreciated, and yeah if you could check to see if you have gold Gargos, that’d be great.

With Fulgore’s unlock you had to go back in and play and extra match in SL for it to show up, might have to do the same for Gargos.

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I did play an extra match. Well, I should’ve clarified above… I deployed an extra match. I’ll try actually playing one. Thanks for the idea!

Try doing a shadow lords match and look under skins since its not under colors and it should be with the mimic and shadow skins.

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot! Much appreciated.

I must get this. How long will the bonus multiplier be 3.0? I’ve been away for a month?

I have mine. It might be there for you. I just went to single player. Selected Gargos and when color selection came up it was there it is called “golden god” it is right above color one. If you press up once when you select color then you should see it.

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Yeah I actually played a match instead of deploying, as @xCrimsonLegendx suggested and it popped up after the match. Thanks for the suggestion, Crimson! Much appreciated, man.[quote=“rondog6669, post:14, topic:18680, full:true”]
I must get this. How long will the bonus multiplier be 3.0? I’ve been away for a month?

I want to say it’s either through Valentines Day or the day after.

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It was supposed to be until yesterday but I’m not complaining.

They should just keep it running, this is the most KI I’ve played in ages.

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I’d like to know when it ends as well, I was going to buy a booter to knock it up to x4 and do some grinding but I don’t want to waste it.

Huh. I just got to 100% and no platinum Gargos skin drop. I’ve played three additional matches and deployed four more matches and nothing.

Between this and the strange UMK3 arcade-esque difficulty spike (Kan Ra just threw me out of two straight Shin Hisako rekkas last match lol)… Ugh, I think it’s time to get some sleep. :slight_smile:

Oddly I just hit 104% in the game and found a weird bug…maybe related to the latest version of the game.

I grabbed screenshots saying that I had unlocked the two colors for Gargos at 90% and 100%. I’ve played tons of matches since (just because I’m in the middle of a another shadow lords play-through trying to get the full 106%).

Oddly now when I log into the game I either have the Golden God skin or Argent Shroud (Platinum), but never both.