Enjoy! And vote on who I should do next:

  • Kim Wu
  • Cinder
  • Maya

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Great video dude! Watched it from start to finish and you covered everything I was wondering about Glacius.

Granted I won’t be dominating people with Glacius anytime soon, it is rather nice to be informed of his moveset.

If you ever have times, it’d be pretty sweet if you tapped into the likes of Riptor, Mira or Kan-Ra, who hardly see any online play and have a steep learning curve or just misused playstyle.

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Very nice guide! Seeing your video is inspiring me to finish my guide on Mira. I’ve only gotten a couple things down but it’s very nice to see a detailed guide that isn’t from Infil. (Which btw his guides are amazing)

My only problem is I hate the sound of my voice, hate for yall to hear me talk for an hour haha.

Why does everyone want a Mira guide? :wine_glass:

My guess is that they see how much damage she can do but then her health system scares them away. Shame. She’s fun.

Anyway nice vid. Looking for a new character to learn for fun. Glacius is like the polar (that’s a pun) opposite of Mira. Would be interesting to pick him up.

Awesome stuff.
I am so bad against a good Glacius.

For me, it’s actually where to start. Mira has many tools that can be used, so it’s hard to think what’s good to do, what’s not.

Kinda like Learning Dante in MVC3. So much depth.

Cinder guide’s coming up before winter break ends. Won’t be much fun setup stuff but it’s long nonetheless.

Cinder guide is up! Discuss here: Cinder Video Guide! Tips and Combo Exhibition

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