Update: Warner Bros announce 3 more Days of FREE MKXL on PC

I am not sure why people are getting worked up over this sure I may be wrong on a few points here and there given I only had a little over 2 days to play it but I am very much correct on the 50/50 mix up spam there is a reason when playing online everybody does it over and over because it works and you are practically guaranteed a win if you do it.

And that pressing button to block and do EX given how far the button is really is awkward and simply hurts my hands, it isn’t natural and does not feel great as simply pressing 2 close buttons in SF.

There is a reason the official MKX fightstick actually has a weird center button between 4 buttons. So I am pretty accurate on my analysis.

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@Infilament are you saying that there is another way to remap the buttons on a 8 buton viewlix layout?

The only other layout I can think off is putting the block between HP and LP and keeping LK and HK side by side but that would hmmmm

You know that actually sounds like a reasonable layout. I was using my tiny finger for the block all the way to the end actually I will take your advice and try this new layout. If I could get my hands to stop hurting from stretching my fingers in ackward ways I would certainly be able to learn the game. I have the original MKX so I could practice with that even if its only offline capable.

looks like infilament is the only guy here who actually helped me.

@MDMMORNING I just saw your post, thanks your suggestion seems very interesting I am gonna try your layout I had an idea of


But I will also try your way, if this can stop my hands from hurting would be great.

@Sasuke99I yeah my problem was likely that I was using the default layout and I couldn’t get anything right and my hands hurt a lot. I tried a new layout suggested here and seems to work much better.

Though the 50/50 mix up is probably something I will never get over.

It’s amazing that I clicked on this thread even though I knew where it was going before I entered.

MKX doesn’t have bad gameplay. Stop it.


I don’t know what you mean by “another way”. You just remap the buttons until you feel comfortable. Ask people on testyourmight.com about common ways to play MKX on stick, I wouldn’t know the best way because I don’t play the game.

Anyway, I’m ducking out of this thread.

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thanks I will check out testyourmight.

But you are right though, remapping the buttons does help a lot. I was basically using the default layout I tend to do that with most games but clearly this one really does need some remapping.

Thanks for your help

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So many flagged comments.

Going offtopic again will result in closure of the thread.

@xSkeletalx have wiith drawn my post. But its probably best you close this thread seems to be going nowhere.

I agree, MKX is cool but the gameplay is so horrible. Pales in comparison to KI3.

^ well then I could certainly agree with you on this. I think this is all I was trying to say MKX looks cool it even made me defend it over KI then by playing the free weekend made me realize how it pales in comparison to KI

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I disagree completely.

I just played some more MKXL why is it when I do back forward he shoots the plasma cannon in the sky? wtf

That an issue to be solved with hexagonal gate?