Update: Warner Bros announce 3 more Days of FREE MKXL on PC

Ends Thursday 10 AM PDT

So thats 1 Week of Free MKXL online in total now. Pretty good if you ask me.




Wait, what? What’s wrong with just putting the block button anywhere on the stick you want? It’s really easy to press any two buttons of your choice on a stick without contorting your hand.

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I dont understand you at all…

You were raving that MKX got on pc, because in almost every post you have something to complain about KI. And according to you SFV isnt any better than KI either…
However now there are all these issues you dont like with MKX after playing it.

Do you even like fighting games?!? Or are you just a glass half empty person? I’m just asking because you are bringing down the neighbourhood with your negativity…

Perhaps you should stick to Third Strike since that game apparently hit the sweet spot for you…

Must be a bummer for you that fighting games will never reach that gold standard again…because something different apparently cant possibly be good…


Do you know how to set up the fight stick up? I think you put the block button in the middle and limbs on the side.

I’m really curious about this guy… i really can’t understand what is he looking for in a fight game. Seems he is looking for a SFts replacement, but:

KI is bad because of the combo breaker system
MvC is bad because of infinite combos
MKX is bad because os blockstrings
SFV is bad because, well i don’t even remember.

So tell me, what is wrong with KoF14 , Guilty Gear, Tekken 7, Dead or alive, Soul calibur?

You don’t know? I will say, the problem is that you do not enjoy the games at all and keep trying to find something that resembles SFts, and thank god, there will be none. So, or you open your mind for the new formats or just give up.

Deal with it.


I see nothing wrong with MKX. I can explain how it works as a game both competitively and casually. Christ, what do people have against this game? Are they honestly complaining about 50/50’s or the fact that you can’t cross people up? If you don’t like that, then you must hate Tekken.

Neither am I, it’s a hell of funny game in his own mechanics, like most of the fighting games around. Except when someone plays aeron black… that’s awful. :joy:

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So you don’t play games before you laud them in comparison to the thing you’re trying to trash-talk. A+ debate skills, you’re like 3S Chun with a keyboard and opinions.

That said, yes. MKX is bupkis. However, your point about mapping the block button is beyond ridiculous. Just remap your stick.

When I played Injustice, I used a layout based on the GG “hook”, because Injustice uses an unintuitive meter button (thankfully they utilize directional blocking).

1 2 3 T

For MK, I would recommend something like:

1 2 3 x
4 B x x

The idea here is that the meter button is quickly accessible in conjunction with any of the primary buttons with your thumb (if you play “home row”), while being in a central and oft-used position within the button array.

Granted, I think I use my thumb way more often than most people (at least from what I’ve seen) when using a stick, so if that’s not helpful, shucks.

You do realize that MKX has their own forums, right? Why are you bugging us about this?


I think MKX is fine. It’s different, but I’ve enjoyed the little bit I’ve dabbled. I’d suggest actually taking the time to learn the game instead of just jumping in and criticizing something you don’t really understand. Ketchup and Mustard have some nice tutorial videos on Youtube, and they also have some good videos of them playing online and commentating/explaining their matches. It’s a good way to appreciate the higher level play.

Or maybe the game’s just not your thing, in which case, why bother getting upset about it?

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If it took no skills to play MKX random people would be winning tournaments, yet the usual suspects are the top placers. If it takes no skill please play Sonicfox, Scar, Madzin, or any of the other top MKX players and record you beating them and share it here. It should be pretty easy since it takes no skill, right?


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No character in the game has just one optimal combo. On average every character has 3 different optimal ways to start a combo and 3 different optimal ways to end a combo, based on your needs of speed, safety, reach, mixup, oki, and pressure.

Then block. Also, delayed stand, tech roll, wakeup armor, backdash. You have options.

You block until the opponent is negative and counter poke. There are no block infinites in the game.

There are no optimal 2 button combos in the game.

Any character can get out of pressure with pokes. Using unsafe teleports to get out of block strings is absolutely insane.

Because they can’t all teleport out of those -6 on block strings?

Not even remotely close. This is basic math. 35% punishing combos are not remotely close to Marvel’s common whole-lifebar killers.


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Alright calm down people, this was a free Weekend with no access to anything besides online matches. It wasn’t exactly easy to learn it in in this manner, however no amount of remapping this block button stops my hands from hurting.

There is a reason sonicfox plays on a controller and not a fightstick.

This game is about 50/50 mix ups if you fall especially in the corner that could be the end of you literally.

■■■■■ this I am going back to KI and SF3

Sonic Fox also plays Skull Girls on pad, so obviously his preference is not dictated by block button placement. Seriously, do some actual research before making verifiably false claims.


I am surprised at how many secret MKX fans it has in here, though the gameplay is still terrible due to 50/50 mix up spam there is nothing technical about its gameplay like what you find in KI and SF.

It is a spammy game with terrible design choice for pressing a button to block and that is a fact.

Granted I only had 2 or 3 days to test the game with only an online mode I am pretty sure I am 95% accurate on my analysis. For example I picked predator the other guy had Jason and all I did was spam the fireball since he was about 50/50mix up spam on me so we both played spamming.

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