Update to the Forums

We recently updated to the latest release of the forums so you might see some changes.

Improved, Simpler UI

  • Moved like count inline with the reply buttons, so topics with lots of likes are not so vertically expanded.
  • Unified the notifications and user drop down at upper right, so there’s one less glyph at the upper right to make you think.
  • Overhauled and enhanced the hamburger menu and notifications
  • Introduced subtler styling for staff actions in topics, so the conversations are not so visually interrupted when a staff member does something to the topic.
  • Added subtle interstitial posts to better indicate big gaps in ongoing conversations (“two weeks later…”)

Full Page Search

Mobile Layout Simplified

Other Updates Include
Improved Embedding
Better Performance
and a whole bunch more that you can read here

If you come across any issues, add a message below.

I’ve already noticed the change in the upper right. :slight_smile:

I noticed my profile no longer shows the artwork on the top or under my info?

also how do i get the mobile part? is that an app or just save the web page to my home screen?

Just going to the website through your phone works, I dunno if there’s an app or anything, but that’s how I do it and it works just fine.

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