Any updates?

Feature we had in these forums?

I’m sure of it. I have no reason to lie to you.

I remember asking you one day if I was truely the first person to receive your “That’s Crazy Badge”, due to only you and I having it.

So after that, I went to other people’s profiles that I knew posted as regularly as I do, and started comparing post numbers to see where people were at, to see who was going to receive the badge next.

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Interesting. I haven’t done anything to the forums, I swear. I wonder where they went.

Yeah, on these forums early on, there was a total amount of likes given and received, then it went into maintenance for an update of some sort and was no longer there. Now, we just see likes given and a link to them but no actual number. May just be something you missed, but I assure you it was once there.

All good, I know you are good for it! You have done a great job thus far, just good to know that something will come in due time.

Lol… details?

So profiles are nice as they are, but they seem empty, take for example GOW,

You have your avatar as usual, badges like “THAT’S CRAZY SON” would be featured but also a separate section for titles like “Regular”, “Autobiographer” and more.

Additionally, for those who like numbers - something similar to EA’s forum is something to explore

Also, something that can add uniqueness is player specific badges that can be acquired by reaching a criteria for a certain characters section. For example, I started a thread for Jago’s Season 3 changes, you will earn up towards doing things that are attentive and constructive. New posts, likes, replies, etc. You can even implement the taunts for doing the same action but organize them according to contribution and feedback instead of just activity, make them feel a bit more special in a sense.

Last thing I can think of in terms of additions are exclusive colors, take for instance Retros, there are only 6 colors but default colors are starting to peak at 11. What better way to promote the forums then offer additional colors exclusive to the forums. We can see more creativity and more options that will make the community happy.

All of this is of course time consuming and some requires additional help from the design team, still if passed around the office, we can attract more people to the forums and in the long-term grow a richer community.


All in all, it is a lot - I know but the forums are in good hands, should you consider my suggestions and even if you don’t there are more options to explore.

So - not on these forums. As in since August. These forums are entirely different than what we used before the site refresh.

So this:

Update to the Forums

was a whole site refresh, and not just an update? Oh man. :no_mouth:

Sorry for misleading you then. I was sure it was just an update… Oh well. I am only human. :sweat:

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Ok, I think there’s a bit of confusion. During Season 2 we switched to new forums (with the red and stuff), and next to everyone’s posts, there was a username and underneath that, a post count for that user. Come around August time or whatever, we switched to these new forums (with the grey and black). Here, when you went to a user’s page, you could see all their replies, and likes, next to which there was a number that told you the total number. These guys are saying, somewhere along the way it disappeared, and they’d like for it to come back.

Correct me if I’m mistaken in any way.

Wait… So what Rukari meant by “These forums”, he was asking me if I was possibly thinking about S2 forums and not the Update for these forums currently? Then no, I stand by my post! We did have a Post and Like count! I truly remember! Don’t you remember it too Ady?

Ok that helps. Just means I need to go searching through the options!

Yea, I’m pretty sure he thinks you’re referring to the S2 forums. I definitely remember us having a Post and Like count, so I’m with you on this for sure. I’m not sure why they would’ve randomly disappeared, but it must’ve happened somewhere along the line without me noticing, cause I even helped someone see how many total posts they had by using it… So it was there for sure!

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Oh ok, great! Good luck!

I can definitely back these statements up, by word of mouth at least.

When the August update happened, things like Likes Given, Likes Received, Posts etc were all in a single list down the left side of a user’s profile; I used to check out my numbers on occasion.

At some point, the user profile page changed a little bit, and now we have the two sets of icons/categories; looks like user output under “Activity” and incoming feedback under “Notifications.” It was never a big enough deal for me to make me want to speak up, but since it seems important to others, it’s worth noting that there was a change of some sort.


Found it - sort of. Looks like they moved some things in their code, and we need to upgrade the forums to catch up!


Yea the site did get a version refresh today IIRC. May have something to do with it.

It wasn’t just today though. Its been a while since those numbers went away. End of Jan, start of Feb maybe.

That’s exactly when.

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So this is something you will potentially do during April when Forum Upgrades happen?

I already started to check in. The hope is that this is something that can be done overnight. Will let you know!

Hey Rukari, any update on this? It’d be nice to see our total post count, likes given and likes received.

I’m sure ya’ll are busy with E3 stuff and other stuff and lots of stuff in general. Just thought I’d ask. :slight_smile:

Updates? This was done nearly 2 months ago.