Update 3.6 showcase (Kilgore move list)

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I don’t know why, but when I see Killgore’s face it reminds me of Duncan from Recore.


I guess the new Fulgore skin isn’t in the game yet? Or maybe its bugged, all of my KI gold and shadow lords stuff is gone…

Play one single SL match and you will unlock it.

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Shoot, I wish I took a screenshot of the new Fulgore skin, because it’s unlocked for me.

I actually never touched Fulgore, so I played a match in Shadow Lords and suddenly got the “Stylish Fulgore” achievement for unlocking a color of his; turns out, it was Color 11. It’s this military-like green color. I like it a lot, even though I don’t play him.

Also, minor, but the “Checking Downloadable Content” screen changed.


If you meet the required SL-percentage for the Fulgore skin,
just play one fight in SL and the colour will unlock. :slight_smile:

EDIT: screenshot uploaded.


Must be nice…still can’t get mine to even update.

PC version? Try rebooting PC and check the Store once more.

Does anyone know how to gain progress from the shadow lord meter? Is it just playing? I’m at 73% and have played quite a bit of SL.

You have to complete the collection part, dossiers, cut-scences, etc.

Just playing, basically. Percentage is how much of the “Archives” stuff you got,
like character dossiers and such. Also, it looks like I got ninja’d while typing. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That new loading screen was my favorite new surprise of the update.

It’s incredibly minor, but it’s a nice touch. I always did think it was a little odd that “UltraTech servers” are only mentioned when you’re doing Shadow Lords stuff.

I just hated the old 1 because it basically said the same thing 2x, which made it redundant.

IG guys can you make an offer for the ultimate source figurine colours? Only for one weekend?

How do u use kilgore Are u a developer?

Just saying, there is a way to play with Kilgore before the release, and off practice/dojo (i’m not joking).

Hint: S**** L****…

How hard is it to give thunder a freaking Mohawk aka (scalplock) like really


How were you able to view his colors from the select screen? It’s only pulling up a countdown clock for me.

I was playing against him in training mode.