Unique Character-Item interactions in SL

*So I wasn’t sure whether to put this here in Suggestions or in Shadow Lords. Figured I’d put it here just in case.

I had an idea to add a bit more depth to SL. There are various items/Guardians in the game that seem to have some connection to our playable characters, whether it be Temperance/Vengeance for Maya, the Tiger guardian with Jago, Familial Blood with Mira, or the Shadow Lord item with Gargos/Eyedol.

I got to wondering: what if items connected to a character’s lore gave that character unique effects in addition to their base power?

I’ll give some examples of what I’m thinking:

Jago: When equipped with a Tiger guardian, Jago’s connection to the Tiger Spirit within him grows stronger, giving him access to permanent instinct during a match

Maya: When equipped with the Temperance and Vengeance item, it boosts the power of her daggers, allowing her to deal more damage and gain more pips

Mira: Her thirst by drinking Familial Blood, Mira no longer has to draw on her own blood, removing the health cost to perform her specials

Gargos: Unlocking the true power of a Shadow Lord, this gives the player access to Gargos’s boss moveset

Eyedol: The power of the Shadow Lord returns Eyedol to his former glory. His instinct is now permanently active, and taunting allows him to heal himself as a throwback to KI1

Kan-Ra: When using the Prestine Mummy Talisman , it bolsters the sorcerer’s magic, drastically increasing how long his curse/scarabs remain active


Seems cool to me :+1:t5:

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You left out whatever Tusk’s immortality is.

I think this is a great idea. I think Shadow Lords has a ton of untapped potential and this is another good idea for making it more interesting.

Kim Wu has this feature- dragon cannon deals a higher % damage
Unlimited instinct wow is that OP?

I’m not talking about the unique modifier certain characters have innately in SL (though I do want more of those). I’m referring to a couple of ideas for interactions between characters and the various consumable items and guardians.
And obviously the exact details could be altered, but I wanted to come up with effects that actually effected gameplay significantly enough to include.

I think that’d be great! It’d also be nice if they could add items so that each character on the roster has one of these, but yeah, I’m all for it. :slight_smile:

Of course I’d want everyone to be included. These were just the examples I thought up.
I actually have a few more ideas, like Sabrewulf getting the Wolf Heart items, Fulgore/Kilgore with Fulgore Plating, ARIA with Ultratech Nanaobots, and Spinal with the Mask of the Ancients…
But I’ve yet to think of specifics

So kind of like mayas daggers or fulgores plating if so I got a couple ideas.

Mask of the herald (Omen) - grants an extra shadow bar for 3 days

Stalker claw (Riptor) - increased walk speed for 3 days

Gem of the Ichoriens (Aganos) - periodically petrifies opponent for 2 days

Doll of the forgotten child (Hisako) - increased hit stun for 3 days.

Or do you mean taking existing items and giving them special attributes to certain characters?

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Originally I was talking about giving certain characters bonuses for using items connected to them, but I like these new item ideas as well!