I know this thread is REALLY late, but i just recently finished the game, and i noticed there wasn’t a thread for it.

Being a super popular game, it seemed fitting to at least give it it’s own thread.

So i guess i’ll start the thread by saying that spoilers should be properly posted between “Spoiler Brackets”. IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THESE ARE, GO FIND OUT by searching for them!

Now for my personal contribution:

I had watched The Super Best Friends Play LP of the game and in the first 5 seconds, i immediately turned it off in disgust. I thought: “I hate modern games that try to do 8-Bit stuff”, “I hate RPG’s”, and “I hate the way the Main character loooks”. But then for some reason, i felt bad for being so judgemental in just 5 seconds, so i was like: “FINE ill give it 5 minutes”. i watched the whole series, and thought it was the greatest video game ever.

I dont play ANY games on PC, but i was so struck by the game, that i bought it as soon as i could. (plus the soundtrack, obviously.)

I have this weird issue, where when a game makes me name my character, i HAVE to play it all in one sitting. If i stop playing, then come back in 3 days, i feel “detached” from the character, and i have to start over. This kept me from playing the game all the way through.

So just a couple of days ago, i was feeling quite down, and i decided that playing Undertale all in one sitting would be a good idea. I deleted my data for the game, and started over, and completed a full 15 hour “Good end” playthrough. It was a great idea! I almost cried while playing (once again), and it cheered me up a lot!

Im going to try to bring myself to do a “Bad end” run (I’m calling it the “bad end run” because i think the actual name for it might be a spoiler), and a “neutral” run of the game soon, and im currently looking for some cool fan-art to use as future profile pics. So please share them if you have them.

If anyone is still playing, i would love to talk about the game (maybe while playing it?), and other stuff.

I REALLY hope a 2nd one gets made. I dont have a clue how it would happen, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to make one that is better than the current one, but IF it happened, i would probably spend WAY too much money helping it get crowd-funded.

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I listen to this frequently:


For some reason, I enjoy the entire soundtrack EXCEPT the 1 song everyone else seems to like.



“Death By Glamour” is an amazing song, and i love the story behind the character.

I adore bergentrückung

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One of the best songs. That one, (The Sans one) and Asgote are my favorite.

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Update on my runs: (UPDATE #1) (SPOILERS)

So, i finished my “Genocide” run, but i made a mistake. I thought that you could kill Undyne by escaping, but not giving Her a glass of water. I was wrong. She mysteriously disappeared and remained alive. (Getting to see the death animations, and dialogues for some of the enemies almost made me cry… AGAIN D’: )

So i got a neutral ending. (And still almost cried at most of the parts :'D )

I was then going to start a REAL “Genocide” run, but i noticed that Flowey is missing. I killed him after sparing him a few times, and Flowey died, but not his Flower Body (I know that you can kill him in a way that ALSO kills his body, but i didnt get that one ). So that made me think: “What if Genocide runs are different with / without Flowey? I want to know what a TRUE genocide run is like, not a “neutral - then - Genocide” run.” So now i am completing another neutral run, but with Flowey gone. This time i will do a genocide run, but with the Main Characters surviving. Then, depending on what happens, i will try a “True Pacifist” run, to see what that is like with Flowey gone. THEN, depending on what happens, i will delete my undertale file, and do a TRUE 1st game Genocide run.

Sounds like i have signed myself up for a lot of work, but Skipping every dialogue box brings the games playtime down to only 3 hours. And the subtle changes between runs is enough to keep me interested.
(EDIT: I just realized that doing a 2nd neutral run changes a skele-TON of dialouge, so i will have to read it all. This playthrough might take about 5 hours or more!)

Wish me luck!

[UPDATE after 2nd neutral run]…

Turns out it was all a ruse. Flowey was alive the entire time, just leaving me alone.
I finished the Asgore fight, and spared him, which gave me new dialogue that is only possible when Flowey is “Dead”, but after a long explanation of how happy my ending would be, Asgore changed his mind, committed suicide, and his soul was destroyed by Flowey. Flowey then told me that i would never get a happy ending.

This throws my plans off, as expected. Now i will do a True Pacifist run again, to see if anything changes after my 2 neutral runs. If Flowey is still at the end, this time i will Kill him, and see if killing him after a TRUE Pacifist run ACTUALLY KILLS him. After seeing as many variations of this ending as possible by re-loading the game, i will then True-Reset and begin my Genocide run.

I don’t even play Undertale, but I’m just gonna leave these here…

Voice work in these videos was done by Sean Chiplock a.k.a. Rash’s V.A.

Watching these fills me with determination…wait, what did I just say?


(You knew this was coming…)


You HAVE to play it. Do it. trust me.

People think Undertale is “toxic”… I have been a part of a ton of toxic communities, and seen many more, but trust me… TRUST … ME… The “Toxicity” is not “Toxicity”. This game is just so amazing that once you play it, you are TOTALLY obsessed. Its so good.

(I struggle to stop myself from speaking any more… And i’m probably only successful because i have noodles to go eat.)

Side note:
Found my new Wallpaper!

(its a spoiler, dont look if you aint finished the game)

Its official, ive crossed over. This game is my new favorite THING ever.

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The problem is, I’m not into RPG much. Although I like the character designs and music.

Did you read my OP? I am also not into RPGs. I hate most of what this game is made of. But i still think its great! Watch the “Super Best Friends” LP of it. They are ex-Game testers, and are very mature, and are into GOOD games and fandoms, not just popular titles like other Youtubers.

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Undertale is fantastic, one of the most memorable games I’ve ever played. I still listen to the music weekly, and I’ve probably listened to every single Undertale cover on youtube. The soundtrack should go down as one of the great modern gaming soundtracks, IMO.

Probably my favorite series of covers is this rock album by RichaadEB: link here

The “true pacifist” ending is really powerful. I still go watch runs of it whenever I feel down about something. The music really works beautifully there and the message is good without feeling tacky or cheap… probably because the rest of the game has so much humor that this moment, without humor, really stands out.

I also really like the whole genocide run, especially if you do it after doing a true pacifist run. The games are so incredibly different… the way the music gets distorted and cuts off in the genocide run, the way the characters don’t talk to you the same way/are missing entirely, the way Sans knows what’s coming the whole time. You really do feel like a terrible person, and in fights like the Undyne one, you are actually kind of rooting against yourself to succeed because what she is doing is noble. The end fight with Sans is a top 3 fight in the history of RPGs as far as I’m concerned. Great music, a lovable character that is standing between you and the end of the earth, and a really awesome finish. His ending dialogue before he dies still gives me goosebumps.

Undertale is one of only two games I’ve ever cried over, the other being Journey. When this music plays during one of the ending fights (that’s a big SPOILER so don’t click it unless you’ve beaten the true ending), I have to stop and recollect myself.

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Never heard of the game till now, this has gotten me interested, but I dont play on pc, hope an xbox version will one day show up.

Get it on PC. You dont need Steam, you can get a direct download. It is all low-performance, so any computer can run it.

It is the ONLY pc game i have ever downloaded.


I was afraid this thread would die with me being the only one interested in the game :sweat_smile:

I didnt read your 2nd spoiled paragraph because…

When i tried my first genocide run, i didnt get any of the distorted stuff. I messed up at Undyne, but everything before that was pretty normal. And that cant be right, right?

I knew a little bit about the distorted music, but i was confused when i didnt get it. Is there something im missing? I killed every normal enemy, and i killed every boss with the one-hit-kill method, but still nothing!
(and yes, it was after the true pacifist ending, after hitting the “true reset” button). Without spoiling anything for me, can you give me any guidelines i might be missing?

Aside from that, I have beaten the game 3 times, and watched someone beat it twice, and i ALMOST cry every time! I guess i am just not a cry-er. The soundtrack is amazing, easily best ive ever heard. When i listen to the soundtrack, and i get to one of the sad songs (like the one you linked), i have to skip it so i dont catch feelings!

But now…

Im putting the game through the ultimate test…

Im trying to get my mom to like it O_O

She is someone who cant handle controls more complicated than pac-man, and STRESSES OUT when a video game presents her with any choices. But i have learned enough about the game, that i THINK i can guide her while keeping her immersed and stress-free the entire time.

Man, i dont know what to think…

This game just HAS me!

I’m constantly worried that i will sound annoying trying to explain it to others (i.e. THIS THREAD XD ), but i HAVE to try, because this game is the best “experience” you could ever have with a videogame!

I would murder for a 2nd one!

Might give it a shot, though I dont like to sit behind the pc because of back issues and small messy room :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

sounds like you have an interesting set up.

good luck!

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Re: the route to get the game’s bad ending:

You have to kill everything in the entire game. That doesn’t just mean going through and making sure you defeat every enemy you fight, that also means walking around and grinding battles until no more enemies show up. If you start killing lots of things, at the game’s save points, you will get a message like “10 left” which means you have to kill 10 more enemies before you move on to the next area. The music will change and you’ll start to feel a pretty big sense of dread, and then when you kill the last enemy, your save points just say “Determination.” and battle screens are blank with a very creepy “… but nobody came” message.

If you don’t do this for every area in the game, then you won’t get the genocide ending. You have to be a literal mass murderer.

There is a special battle with Undyne if you are on the genocide path when you get to that section of the game, so the fact that you saw the neutral route there (her chasing you and you getting the choice to give her water or not) means you had already failed the genocide path.

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Ohhhh. Thanks.

I never would have thought of that. Yet another odd thing that this game does that no other game does.

Quick update on my playthrough with my mom…

She quit. She literally tossed the controller and walked out.

I have finally found out the first real “flaw” i have ever seen in this game…

There are WAY TOO MANY encounters in the Ruins. Every time she tried to move 2 inches to solve a puzzle, she got attacked. The feeling of being “pulled” from a puzzle to have a battle is OK, and kind of fun at some points, but if the puzzle is long and frustrating, then the constant breaks in concentration can really add up. :frowning:

She said she will try again soon.

My only gripe with this game is that it is so ugly. I get it, it’s part of the charm… but I’m not charmed by it. It’s an incredible game, but I don’t care for the graphics or spritework. It’s not even retro.

This guy nails what I’m talking about:

You know this is a subject i have always wanted to talk about. Here is a different point of view…

I am TIRED of seeing cool sprite work.

When indie games became really popular, one of the trends that came along was retro-style games. They are easy to make, and today’s technology allows people to make sprites, levels, stories, and game mechanics that weren’t possible before. So people made THOUSANDS.

Thousands of games that all said “Look, we can make ‘simple but modern’ games too!”. And now there are floods of games, of all different takes, that all blend together to be more of the same.

That’s what i thought Undertale would be, too, so i judged it very harshly at first.

But after a while i realized: “They arent trying to be ‘nostalgic’ or ‘flashy’, they are just purposely removing all complexities in graphics and gameplay to focus on NOTHING but story telling, mood, and creativity.” The game would be much WORSE if the main character had any personality. It would be worse if it had flashy cinematics with complex sprites. And it would be MUCH WORSE if the design of the sprites were influenced by previous retro games, instead of being as unique as they are.

As Undertale progresses, it separates itself further and further from any game that has come before it, and at some point you have to tell yourself: “This is NOT a retro-style game, it is NOT mimicking others, it is using the ‘retro-style’ art direction ONLY for the sake of the simplicity.” Its charm is in the fact that it DOESNT try to be retro. So comparing it to ‘retro’ games is a mistake in itself.

This same concept -kind of- is also seen in the music. Most games like to make flashy 8-bit music, while throwing in some clearly modern instruments and sound design to make it feel unique, and Undertale does that too. But where i feel Undertale separates its self, is in the fact that, instead of making 101 songs with unique blends of 8-bit and modern sounds, Undertale has about 30 songs that are used multiple times, but are re-mixed SO DIFFERENTLY to fit mood and atmosphere, that they all stand out as unique. Instead of being a game where someone designed the audio to be as impressive and complex as possible, Undertale has a soundtrack that is so thoughtful, that one track CANT survive without the others. It tells a story by the arrangement of every song… Unlike other games, where you get a huge impact of retro and modern sounds just so you can say ‘oh that sounds cool’ and then move on and forget about it on the next level.

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