Graphics are indeed not everything, and Undertale is a great example of this.
I just think it would be cool if it ALSO had good graphics.

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I would love to see Toby Fox’s take on what the characters would look and move like in 3D. Seeing fan-art and plastic models just doesnt feel like enough.

Oh, I wouldn’t want it in 3D. Being a 2D RPG works for it. Better spritework would’ve been cool though.

oh, yeah yeah yeah… i DONT want the game to be in 3d. I just want to see what the characters would look like.

Fair enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s mainly due to it being Toby’s key song for his work.
I recall it debuting in that Halloween Earthbound/Mother hack.

On topic of Undertale, fantastic game. Didn’t care for it at first glance but while I was bored one day, I decided to pop up a TBFP video of it. There was one specific part that drew me in and made me say “I gotta play this”.

When Frisk and Papyrus visited Undyne for the first time and Paps dived out the window.

I hope a spin off is made at some point. It’d be a shame to have al those character’s story end after what was roughly 6 or so hours. I just want to hang out with them all again outside of the main story.

Best song? Can’t name a #1 but I love Megalovania, Hopes and Dream, and ASGORE.

haha. i dont think that is exactly how the spoiler brackets work :joy:

Ive beaten the game 3 times, and im STILL discovering cool character points. I refuse to look anything up on youtube until i have done everything i can myself.

An effort was made! :sweat_smile:
Not too savvy with my forum stuff but I guess that way of doing it will do until I bother to learn.

That’s good to hear! Wish I went that same route, I was too caught up in seeing new things that I kinda ruined the surprise for myself after Pacifist running it. Kudos to Toby for having so many options for different playthroughs.

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Just finished a gift for a friend of mine, but I bet you all will like it to :slight_smile:


very noice. Like San’s smile.

The best game I’ve ever watched. It really pulls the heart strings to.

Never played the game though