Uncharted fan film w/ nathan fillion

no you arent dreaming. just watch


Wow… there couldn’t be a better actor to play this character.


I seen where he tweeted a bunch of hints about Uncharted and everyone thought it was a new game or Movie. Looks like movie was close enough! I need to watch this when i get home.

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this is the uncharted we deserve, nathan fillion playing drake is a no brainer. the choice in using stephen lang as sully was amazing, i always thought he was good for the role. this was true to the game and well done!

■■■■■■■ sucks the uncharted movie thats coming is with tom holland as a young drake. thats not what fans want lol.


I know when I seen Tom Holland I was like WTF are they thinking? He looks NOTHING like Nathan Drake! not even close…OMG its going to suck so bad.


yeah, based on parts of the game nobody cared to play lol. when youre teen drake youre like yeah yeah yeah who cares, can we get adult nathan back please, thanks.

its prolly going to be an origin story, his 1st treasure hunt. there will be ho hum action sequences with CGI. kid does great as spider man but hes no drake.


I honestly don’t understand what Sony’s doing. Fillion should’ve been Drake ten years ago, but even at 47, I’d still rather see him in the role than Tom Holland. Nothing against Holland, I think he’d be great for flashbacks, perhaps, but Drake always seemed like someone with a shady past and a history with people and what not and it’s kinda hard to portray any of that with an actor that’s 21 and looks even younger.

Wasn’t Mark Wahlberg also attached to the role of Nathan Drake at some point, a long while back? I don’t mean to be one of the oversensitive fans that has to have their dream casting or else it’s garbage, but this one seems like such a no brainer, yet the people that have been tied to it are such strange choices it’s almost nonsensical.

As for this movie, I really enjoyed it. I was okay with the other roles, and it was kinda cool to see the camera style when the shooting started, but overall, it gave off a very fan film vibe, and that’s fine. That’s totally fine. But what it also showed was that Fillion was MADE for this role. He delivered the humor in the script perfectly and he did everything right.

I don’t know if it’s that studios don’t believe in gaming products, so they have to attach the most recognizable names possible, but there’s something to be said for getting the casting just right as well, and this should absolutely happen.


Tom Holland is straight up the WRONG choice for Uncharted…no doubt in my mind its going to be horrible if he is Nathan.


Agreed. Nothing against the kid, but when you’re that young and you look even younger, playing someone that in the games is probably what, ten years older? Twenty maybe? It just seems like such an odd choice, like Sony loves him in their Spiderman movies, so sure, just give him another star vehicle, regardless of whether he’s a fit for it or not, just say it’s about a young Nathan, regardless of whether that makes sense or its a good idea / route to go with the first movie of what could be a very valuable / profitable franchise.

I dunno, I hate to judge something before I see it. People complained about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman because she didn’t “look the part” but I thought she was fantastic in it and that the movie itself was great. People complained that Alicia Vikander couldn’t be Lara Croft because of her cup size, but I thought she brought real pathos to role in a film that overall wasn’t all that well written or casted. I thought she was the best part by far.

Probably the most egregious one here for me was Heath Ledger as the Joker. While I didn’t complain at all about these previous two castings, this casting didn’t sit well with me at all. Granted, I still wasn’t yelling and screaming about it, but I still thought that there was no way the pretty boy from a Knight’s Tale and Ten Things I Hate About You could ever be the Joker.

So yeah, we can all be wrong on this and I know because I’ve OBVIOUSLY been wrong (speaking of which, I need to watch The Dark Knight again. I think it’s coming back to IMAX for the tenth anniversary!) but man. Tom Holland?



Tom Holland is great. He can do all kinds of great things. But he isn’t Nathan Drake.

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heath ledger caught everyone off guard as the joker. the movies and roles he was known wouldve given alot of people reservations. but here he comes demolishing the role and giving us an absolute diabolical madman S-tier criminal the joker has always been.

but yes, holland is talented but hes not nathan drake. im pretty sure he would be a good fit elsewhere besides spider man. uncharted is modern day indiana jones, you need a guy who can play a wise ■■■ and is also rugged. the movies also gotta be serious in the action cuz you have mercs, fire fights, crazy action set pieces, you all know how it goes.

i think we’re gonna wind up with a movie thats aimed at younger audiences or is uncharted-lite. not ■■■■ weve seen thats out of 80s action movies

To be fair, if the Uncharted movie is bad, it will probably be bad for all the reasons videogame movies are usually had, and not because Tom Holland isn’t a particularly good or credible Nathan Drake.

I reserve judgment on him in the role until the movie releases. The pretty boy from The Patriot sure as heck couldn’t be the Joker, and I like Ben Affleck’s Batman even though I utterly despised BvS. Sometimes actors can surprise you. Sometimes (often?) they don’t, but sometimes they do.

And yes, Nathan Fillion is an incredible choice for any wisecracking middle-aged adventure-type character. The man is absolutely perfection in such roles.


One of the things I don’t understand is the fact that video games based on movies almost always suck, and movies based on games always suck, yet people always look at their favorite game and say “they should make a movie out of this!” No. No they shouldn’t.

to be fair, looking like a character is the least of a studio concern. getting good talent and having a good script should be priority. Hugh jackman is like 6 ft tall, BUT was an excellent stage trained actor/dancer/singer. He killed wolverine and now no one can imagine wolverine without him.

Yet hardcore comic fans screamed he’s too tall, etc…

But, not even sure Uncharted is happening. Tomb Raider under performed and may have lost a bit of money for the studio and generally video game adaptations dont do well. Assassin’s creed was horrible and Warcraft also did less than projected, so who knows if anyone will bother with Uncharted.



to be fair, warcraft isn’t too bad. same with tomb raider (the recent one). nothing special but certainly not horrible. the first mortal kombat is still the most ‘fun’ one though :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t argue. As they say, though, “the exception proves the rule.” It’s ironic that with the exception of Mortal Kombat the “good” games to movie adaptations have been box office failures.

I haven’t seen Warcraft or the new Tomb Raider so I don’t have anything substantial to say about them.

Warcraft it’s an abomination, both as movie and warcraft based material

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I’ve only barely started the Uncharted series (still haven’t even finished the first one despite buying the PS4 collection) but this fan film was great, really captured the spirit of Nathan Drake while also feeling very professional for a fan-made movie. A shame Sony’s own movie will probably be nowhere near as interesting or accurate (how their movie division survived while their TV manufacturing branch died is beyond me).