Ultra Breakers!

Was just playing a game when i had this idea. since it’s so easy to do ultras now especially if using combo assist…and with the speculation that there might be ultimates added later on. What if you were allowed to break Ultras when you’re in danger. I’m not saying after the ultra has been activated but let’s say you’re about to hit danger in health and you know your opponents going to go directly to ultra and it allows you to break it. And instead of it just being a regular break maybe he could do a small amount of damage to the opponent. Even better if your opponent is trying to be flashy and do double or triple Ultras you could break them when they are doing button combinations after they start a new Ultra. So much salt so so much salt.

If they add ultimates then that would be even better because you would have to guess between an ultra or an ultimate.

It would kind of be a throwback to the original KI’s when you were in danger and you can mash the buttons to gets a little sliver of health back and we would have a new announcement for the announcer to go ham on.

It would also be interesting because it would keep you engaged in the game after an ultra is done because you get a chance to interrupt the ender.

So Lets go over the idea, feel free to add any concerns, questions, or additions and improvments.

Ultras/Ultimates CAN NOT be broken during the initial Ultra sequence.

Ultras would be able to be broken ONLY if there is a double ultra is activated and button combos have to be manualy pressed to lead to the second ultra activation.

In other words, when you start an ultra and the sequence starts and you can set your controller down, there is no way to break that, it is only when you attempt double ultras and have to actually press buttons manually keep the combo going.

When it comes to health regeneration, You only get a small ammount of health back and will still be in danger, almost to a point where just chip damage from a jab will kill you.

T.J. Would not be effected, the same rules would apply to him.

Stage ultras would not be able to be broken because it starts a sequence. You can’t do a double stage ultra so obviously it would not be able to be broken.

Yes. There IN MY IDEA of how this would work the would also be “ULTRA COUNTERS!” That would work the same as if you do a counter breaker in the middle of a round. The anouncer would just be more hype!

Ending an ultra would obviously make you safe because as stated above you can only break an ultra if you are manually pressing buttons to continue onto a second or third ultra.

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Sorry, but no. If you want to stop your opponent’s Ultra attempt you need to break the combo before they activate their Ultra. Once an Ultra starts, the match is over anyway - you’ll notice the loser’s healthbar is gone. Trying to open this up only invites problems.

Double and triple Ultras are annoying, but there’s not a good reason to try to work in some kind of “Ultra Breaker,” and I’d rather not split IG’s development time working on this, or my time trying to get used to the timing, the input, or the strategy from either side of the Ultra.


Did you play the original KI’s? Just because you were in danger mode where you were in the basic killer instinct version of the fatality window you could mash the buttons to get a little bit of health back. So really even though the round was technically over killer instinct had a mechanic to allow a small tiny opportunity to make a comeback that’s why it would be kind of like a throwback to the originals

I haven’t played much of the older games, just some experimentation with the digital versions which came with KI13.

While nods to the older games can be good, I don’t believe the feature you’re proposing would work well in the modern game. Breaking the combo BEFORE the Ultra is the best way, in my opinion, because having some system to allow a player to come back to life after the Ultra starts (minus TJ’s Last Breath) is an extra level of complication that we really don’t need, and I think this would be absolutely reviled from a tournament standpoint. Plus, the real challenge of triggering the Ultra is in opening up the opponent in the first place, not the input itself.

There are a ton of questions this would bring up as well;

Can you “revive” every time I start an Ultra, meaning that we can technically trigger 5+ Ultras in a single match?
What happens with TJ’s Last Breath?
What happens if I trigger a Stage Ultra?
Does it return us to neutral if you break out, or does one player end up with an advantage?
Can I Counter Break when I think you’re going to break out of the Ultra?

While I don’t like to make too many comparisons to other series, I don’t think having someone break out of an MKX Brutality or Fatality would be as hype as you’re imagining it would, and I feel the same applies to KI. I see where you’re coming from with the suggestion, but I think it adds more complication than functionality, and the only REAL difference it would make is in exceedingly close Danger vs Danger matches.

Unless they do an unbreakable opener to ultra. Which i think stinks but owell

Im not for breaking Ultras…but I do think it should follow the rule of a breakable point before Ultra ender. In the old game if you skipped the AD or manual and tried to input the ultra…the combo would just drop. Not sure why they didnt do that in this one.

KI2 did have Ultra breakers but it was very rare that one was every pulled off.

I don’t think it’s gonna happen. I mean, it’s nice when people end their Ultras early, but unless you’re in a tournament setting people don’t really have any obligation to do so except for out of mutual respect.
Plus, once an ultra starts and your lifebar is gone your character essentially becomes a ragdoll anyway. It’s the same thing as doing a combo in-between rounds.

I tend to end my ultras early unless provoked (taunting and teabagging will get you the full triple cheeseburger with a side of juggle fries) but I wont hold it against anyone who does it to me. Gives me time to check my phone and think about a strategy for the next match. It’s no worse than winding up on the “Final Kill-Cam” in Call of Duty.
There are plenty of other things I’d rather see before an ultra breaker. Ultimates, new customization options,remastered classic stages, KI2 soundtrack in practice (and online practice), Eyedoll.

I agree with this sentiment right here, entirely, 100%.


Consider it this way. Techinacally you can break ultras. Go to training mode with regenerating health and the cpu to break all and you can. The reason id doesn’t work in a real match is because the moment the ultra is triggered,your health is gone and you can’t break with no health.

There is no “game” to engage in after the ultra. The game is over.

IMO going from opener directly to ultra is one of the best gameplay decisions they’ve kept in the game.

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It’s meant to be easy to do without combo assist. If they wanted to make it hard to execute, they’d’ve thrown more motions in or something.

Qcf-P-QCB-K-Dp-P-Character ultra input to do ultra.

Are we on the same page here. I thought this was the suggestion area of the forums. This is just an idea I am throwing out there. In ki one when you were in danger technically the round was over but if you mash the button enough you to get a tiny bit of health back.

Consider this a revision and throw back to the original KEI where even though the round is “finished” there is a way to continue the round.

Old KI would put you in a stun state after your life bar was done, new Ki doesn’t. That was the only reason you could mash to get some life back. I’m all for an Ender that is sort of like a final effort (I call it Ultra Counter) where you can interrupt an opponent’s Ultra if its going on too long. But this idea is kinda silly simply because you should be working to avoid getting in to such a position instead of asking for a lifeline when you do.

That’s what I’m saying it’s a throwback to the old Ki but tweaked to the way that KI works now. I know there’s no stunned state but it’s kind of reminiscent where if you want to be flashy and do a double or triple ultra you run the risk of getting Broken and have the tables turned.

And some matches get down to a wire where just that sliver of health could potentially turn the whole match around so I think it would be interesting in that aspect run the risk of a flashy ultra and get broke or End the ultra to make it safe

That’s where you and I disagree. Having the tables turned means you would be getting an offensive opportunity. I’m for the idea that you can break it, but as a last gasp meaning you’re KO’d after.

Which is exactly like the older KI Games it was a tiny tiny chance to turn the tables and unless you were very skilled or very lucky chances are it wouldn’t do much but it would be an interesting way to bring back an older concept but new and refreshed

Wouldn’t that take away the uniqueness of TJ’s last breath?

IMHO an Ultra is just a cool way of saying “well, it was fun, but we know who the winner of this match was”…a victory lap for a race well run. & especially now that it’s established, it’d seem more of a get out of jail free pass for someone undeserving of a win than an earned second chance for a struggling fighter.

Also, if I’m not mistaken, you can quit a match after an Ultra has been started without penalty, & the winner still gets to finish it? Can someone confirm that? I can’t say first hand…I don’t quit matches. But yeah, button-mashing to a second chance or combo-breaking into a do-over…I don’t see either of those options as being fair to the guy that struggled & pulled off a victory, or the guy that put time in to earn consistent wins.

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Here’s the thing though,due to the lack of Ultras and Ultimates they have already become boring. nobody does full ultras anymore, unless you were new to the game or do you want to be a ■■■■ to somebody. and nobody who is on a killer level or has been playing the game long enough cares for full ultras.

What people are doing now are Glitching the ultra enders, using taunts and other advanced tech. The reasoning behind this is to keep you engaged even though technically the round is over there is a small small window for a Way to extend or make ultras relevant again instead of just Drawnout combos where you don’t push any buttons.

Also about the whole tournament or competition events you will always see ultra to ender. They don’t do ultra combos because

a. they’re playing for cash prizes and

B. We already know that they are good players they don’t need to do an ultra combo where they don’t do anything other than watch an automatic combo go off and there’s no skill or tech that they can show.

Not all of us here play in competition or tournaments this would be more for casual online play just for fun.

i care…