Ultimates Vs Our Expectations

Every week that a new Ultimate is introduced, we get horde’s of people making the usual statements about lack of blood, the angles used that may avoid showing definitive killing, them being underwhelming compared to our expectations…

I will say, TJ is one that should be revisited for sure…

But, I think most are just not aware or have forgotten what Ultimates originally were, this expectation of MKX Fatalities as Ultimates is just completely unfounded, originally they were like 2 secs or less, some characters even had repetitive moves (Spinal & Thunder)…

So let me help:

Please take a gander and revisit KI’s Original Ultimates and adjust your expectations:

Ultimates start at 3:04

Please credit the original poster for the video…


Nobody expected violent Ultimates like MK, where did you see that?
We were just expecting non-violent Ultimates that use clear camera angles to show what is happening, just like the old ones.


I agree full on, while these are great for back in the day even they’re silly in their own right. KI’s Ultimates were never any more violent than alot of MK’s stuff.

But I think people just want the Ultimates to be like the old games without anything fresh or new. An aspect I was never expecting with the new KI Ultimates.

People also have these preconceptions on what they want to see happen but forget that this isn’t the old KI games which are still playable via XB1 system if you have the ultimate editions of S1 and S2

You’re one of those folks who have said that statment but there’s anohter loud group that wants gory violent fatalities, those are the ones this thread is addressing.


Perhaps because I’m not guided by nostalgia, I can’t really see what’s appealing about those old Ultimates, some of them were kinda the same in some context (stabbing, melting, etc.).
These Ultimates on the other hand, are actually showing a little more personality for each character, and some actually do beat the living hell out of their opponents.


Actually, I don’t expect much from ANY game over 3 years old. If you get ANY thing it’s a bonus as far as I’m concerned. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen many people commenting on lack of violence… and the angles are used to make the act suggestive, if they use “clear” angles then they will be more violent in nature…


my point exactly…

Old Ultimate: Fire, Ash or Laser, Ash or Stab, Death or Hit, Screen smash

New Ultimates incorporate so much more animations and mechanics and even victim reactions, like Maya’s face with increasing impending doom, as Kilgore’s missile nears


I might suggest looking for the arcade versions of the ultimates. A lot of the SNES ones had to be heavily altered from their original versions to allot for limited memory space.
…not that they changed in tone any, but the arcade ones were superior and a bit more varied. I fully agree with the OP.


Good point… for instance Cinder’s missing flames, and Orchird’s missing ■■■■■ lol

The one issue with this topic that no one thinks about, is that you have to remember this game was not made with ultimate’s in mind like the old games were. That’s why screens are blanked out and models might not always be correct on them. Also, with the “lack of violence” issue, the game is rated T for Teen, not M. They’re trying to keep it that way with the implied cutaways. We’re not MK here showing pools of blood.


I don’t get why that is so hard to understand

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This is the point a lot of people miss - no they don’t. Have the concept of the Ultimate not violent to begin with, so you don’t have to hide anything with odd camera angles.

Refer to any of the original games, as present in the OP, and you’ll see they are not violent, yet the camera angle isn’t hiding anything.

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do you see the graphical quality of the original games… those are all violent acts…

If they create an ultimate where a character just turns to ashes, we’d say they are lazy…

you want them to show Sadira swiping into the opponent, without showing the beheading? explain how that is possible?

Oh bonus point. ITS FREE ADD ON.


Even if blood gore and more were included in the Ultimates they would still be budget and below our expectations. Look at Injustice, that game can make amazing Super’s that blow KI’s ultimates out of the water and they aren’t even remotely trying to be violent. The quality difference is just staggering.


Did you watch the original Ultimates? It doesn’t seem so… an Ultimate is not a Fatality or a Super, they are different concepts & components of the characters arsenal… You are proving my point when I said people are comparing Ultimates with MKX Fatalities…

Ultimates are supposed to be 1,2 sec one hit alternate finishers… IG took it upon themselves to provide a more cinematic touch to them and we are still ungrateful…

An Ultra is a Fatality or Super

An Ultimate is more comparable to a level one Super on mobile MKX in function…

SabreWulfs original Ultimate has him stabbing the opponent once and they stand there leaking blood

TJ punches the opponents upwards, yet they still screen splat…

Jago just stabs the opponent a few times

As previously stated, Ultimates are being created from already existing animations… they were not a planned part of the game, and they are free add-ons as bonuses for the fans… Now If there is another season, or a New KI, and Ultimates are regular features, then I am quite confident that they will be able to produce much better finished products, but just going back to create these from what they have to work with, should be much more appreciated… especially in the time frame they’ve given themselves… and for free

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Honestly, I really like the old finishing moves a lot. I almost have no complaints about them.

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Did you read my post about choosing an Ultimate that isn’t gory to begin with, so you don’t have to try and hide anything with the camera? Nobody is trying to uncensor Sadira’s current ultimate. Also, who says it’s a beheading? See that’s why these aren’t that effective, nobody even knows what’s happening.

To answer your question, this is what I would have done:
Sadira’s Ultimate stays as it currently is, through the point of petting the opponent’s face, which is all great. Then, instead of a goofy camera angle censoring out some ‘mystery slash’, have some insect audio play (spiders scurrying), then have the eyes of a giant spider light up behind the opponent caught in the web with a dramatic spider hiss sound as it freeze frames on the opponen’t screaming face with the eyes behind them. done. No violence necessary. It maintains the character’s personality, yet no camera angles purposely keeping the action out of frame and the implied doom is certainly still there.

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On the beheading question, I really do think that’s obvious…

Regarding your idea, very very good, expect what you are suggesting requires them creating entirely new animations & components to the game… That is why in my last reply, I stated that I agreed that if this were a planned new feature to the game that much better Ultimates should be created, but again, this bonus content as party favors for the fans, we almost didn’t even get them… your missing that point… It’s not as if they are major productions and they are a focal focus for the developers…

Side Note: There is a post on suggestions for Ultimates, where i have also given my ideas for Ultimates in general & also for improvements to the current ones I think you should visit, your idea would be appreciated there btw, it’s very good