Ultimates Ultra Pack


Crash dude. Twitter has stated that launch is around 9AM PDT


thanks. I really do appreciate it.


You know that you want to stay up for 12+ hours, call in sick, so you can be one of the first few people to get it. :slight_smile:

Go to bed. This way you can be well rested when you give beat downs and use them tomorrow.


Tomorrow is going to be a good day. After I complete my Final Presentation for my class tomorrow, I’m gonna see if I can get an Ultimate with my Golden Fulgore!

I have a feeling I’ll be successful…if I play my cards right.


When we getting the pack today? o3o


9am PDT apparently, so about 2 and a half hours from now.


Ultimate ultra pack is out


how to acquire it? First pack was so long ago I forgot how I did it xD


I went to killer instinct on the Xbox store and found it on the dlc area


Here is the link to the pack

Get It Now!


Downloaded. Kilgore’s Ultimate looks sick.

If anybody has trouble getting it on PC, try opening link in Microsoft Edge.


Yay!! Rippy’s showing off that Ultratech High spirit!!


Apparently riptors ultimate is character specific. Because against Maya the bite does make contact.


No, it’s just improper spacing.


It looked like it made contact though. I’ve only landed like 3 rippy ultimates so far and I’m trying out the others. Maybe it would look better against a big guy like aganos or raam


But the point of her Ultimate is that she misses the bite.


Well I hit my achievement and my dream for this game: Obliterate @Justathereptile with Fulgore’s Ultimate. and he is the first Riptor main (between us) that pulled off her ultimate, also YAY the devs listened, there’s a lot more fire and smoke so the idea of a body being there makes since. Major Improvement to Riptor’s Ultimate.

Also I obliterated him a second time with Fulgore’s Ultimate, before he did Kilgore’s 2 matches later, lol! I LOVE these Ultimates, it’s a dream come true!

I hope some point everyone will get an Ultimate.


Has anyone done Kilgores ultimate on retro gargos it’s hilarious, that face of “oh sh*t it’s about to hit” is priceless.


I wanna see a video with that ultimate on all characters; currently, I’ve only seen one video and that’s Tusk’s ultimate on all characters.


Never mind, doing Kilgores ultimate on Kan-ra is even funnier. He stands there looking worried and as the missile gets closer he starts smiling lol.