Ultimates / No Mercies Discussion

I 100% agree. Gore wouldn’t make or break Ultimates, it would just make them more fantastical in my opinion. And by gore I mean like someones head popping off or on my Jago idea, a few blood droppings when he pierces them; No organs being trailed out mouths or pulling out rib cages and shoving them down throats.

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Exactly, we don’t need all the bells and whistles. Seeing Aganos body slam someone flat as paper would be effect enough =) give Riptor her old one back, the screen goes dark and she ate them. Burping and Farting included haha!

Yeah I would l love to see at least 1 Ultimate for each fighter that you can only do in combo, while the opponent is in Danger (as an alternative to an Ultra). That way, it doesn’t effect gameplay at all. It would be awesome if it could utilize some flashy camera angles, since there would be no way to break out of it. As most of the others have said, something not super violent or long.

It would also help develop their personalities and characterization even further.

Cinder could just toast his enemy for real. Thats how an ultimate is done.

Just adding my voice to the crowd, but yes, I would also like to see Ultimates along the lines of something similar to Shadow Jago’s down the road. I would be fun to have at least one cinematic finisher for each character, and I believe it should be something on the planning list for season 3.

Considering how well IG has heard us across season 2, I think it’s pretty safe to say our requests are heard, but the bigger orders like Ultimates just take time and ingenuity. I’m confident these guys can do it creatively, and can do so without increasing the rating any. There is no need to try and one up the competition in the violence department. The game isn’t centered around brutality, it’s centered around the combos, mechanics, offense based gameplay, and unique character archetypes.

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I remember once Adam saying that Hisako’s command grab where she pushes you onto the naginata used to show the blade go through, but they had to change that because it would’ve made the rating increase (yet Fulgore’s grab is ok). So the accepted amount of brutality in an Ultimate or No Mercy is probably pretty nuanced, and could be more than one would expect or less. Just a thought.

I think they should share the input with the ultra. If you are still on your first life bar the ultimate comes out. If you aren’t you get the ultra. That way the ultimate becomes an award for dominating your opponent. Also if you get wrecked real hard, at least you won’t have to suffer through watching a double or triple ultra.

I only want Ultimates if they are the quality of Shadow Jagos. If not, then don’t bother. I was excited by stage Ultras but they might as well scrap them if that quality continues. I know i sound harsh but that’s how i feel.

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Something is better than nothing though. Killer Instinct has never really been entirely about the realism of the gore like MK. Yeah graphics and better quality is easier to work with nowadays, but the only bad Stage Ultra right now is Hisako’s. Before they even showed it in the stream I already knew what it was going to be. Ghost character, dirt ground… Yeah they are gonna get pulled in… Was pretty lame. TJ’s was awesome when I first saw it. Kan-Ra’s is alright, the novelty of them getting hit by objects gives it an edge above Hisako’s. Agano’s and Aria’s are much better. I am glad they fixed the audio on Aria’s though where they announce Ultra when they land. And the Supreme/Awesome victory don’t overlap with everything.

My suggestion for how to perform Ultimates is as follows:

  1. Each character satisfies some (reasonable) criteria during the match, similar to how a MKX brutality works. So Jago might have to land 1 around the world and cure 20% life during instinct, and Aria might have to use each body’s unique special move 3 times, or something like that, I dunno. Something you have to work for/intentionally plan to do, but is reasonable to expect to happen during a match.

  2. If you satisfy the criteria, you unlock the ability to perform the ultimate, which is the “second stage” of any ultra combo. You input it by doing ultra and then holding down the 3P or 3K buttons for the first 1 or 2 seconds. You perform the first few hits of your ultra like normal, and if you’re still holding down the buttons by the 4th or 5th hit, it transitions into the ultimate with a screen darkening or maybe slow motion effect.

The reason this particular input is important is because if you accidentally didn’t fulfill the ultimate requirements, you still get ultra (ie, holding the buttons will do nothing), so you don’t cost yourself the match. It also makes for a nice bit of suspense during the ultra (did the ultimate work or not? here it comes, I hope!), and it means people can still do the ultra combo (and the ultra ender) even if they satisfied the ultimate requirements, simply by not holding the buttons. It also means people can do stylish combos that do ultra, instinct cancel, and then ultra + hold into ultimate. Lastly, people don’t have to remember yet another input for ultimate for all 20+ characters, they just remember the ultra command. I think it’s the best of all worlds.

  1. I envision ultimates pretty similar to Shadow Jago. That is, a Marvel vs Capcom-esque level 3 super attack that is not gory or gruesome, but instead really stylish/flashy, and they only last about 5-6 seconds; the short length is important.

I agree specially in point 3. A long cinematic can take a lot time and if you only want a fast rematch it would be tedious(remembers Hisako endless ultra, Glacius multi-enders ultra, and all ultra cancels into huge and longs combos)… ARRGG

We’ve learned from SF4 and MKX that long supers just aren’t worth it. You can have the same impact and excitement in a move that takes 5 seconds tops as you can in a 12-15 second super attack. The benefit of ultimates being short is that they don’t overstay their welcome, especially if they follow some annoying extended ultra combo. You’ll want to perform them because they’re short, punchy, and impactful. You won’t feel like you’re irritating the other player (too much) by forcing him to sit through it. Look at what Marvel can do with their (mostly) short level 3 supers, and I think that’s the direction KI should go.


Everyone in these forums seems to have a good idea. I agree with the folks above me. But I can say that there is alot already that KI can get away with when it comes to Ultimates.

Ultimates don’t have to be 10-15 seconds long. You can see alot of that awesome finisher stuff in 5 seconds!

Exactly. Just have Jago do his old victory where he kicks towards the screen then poses, and a car lands on your opponent. 3 seconds, and hilarious!

here here dude!

I was thinking about which of the two methods known in KI, is more effective in the new KI, I mean the system of no-mercy:

  • Red screen for 5 seconds after the DANGER state, during which the opponent can try to wake up. * (KI);
  • Start a no-mercy (if it hits the shot) during the DANGER state (KI2);

*This is no longer only TJ Combo unfair to have this privilege.

I think it’d be best to start out focused on either one or the other, rather than trying to add both an Ultimate AND a No Mercy for 27 characters in one season.
Personally, the Ultimate Combo is probably the best way forward, since it’s executed in a combo. A short, flashy alternative to Ultra combos and a flashy new win screen thing.
In the long run, perhaps it would be good to have a unique ending animation after an Ultimate similar to the Supreme/Awesome victory FMV’s in the old games.

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I’d rahter just have the Ultimate. It’s easier to do in a combo and doesn’t take the big MK route.


MK is just THE thing. I would pick MK over SF anyday, anytime. MK is a way better inspiration for KI than SF which is how i feel the game now. More SF than MK when it should be the opposite. Hahh… tastes…