Ultimates / No Mercies Discussion

New forum, new Season. Lets revive this topic.

So, first question. Do you think that Season 3 is finally the Season we get Ultimates? Even if it’s just for certain characters or you’re only able to do it on certain stages do you think we could finally get them in some form?
Next, Ultimates were to come in play, how would you execute them? What button / stick command would you have to input at what time in the match?

And lastly I want to give you my ideas on all Character’s Ultimates (Sorry for the long post I just love talking about this topic!):

(For all Ultimates the stage will darken, the HUD will disappear and it will switch to a cinematic and dynamic camera angle)

- Jago:
Series of roundhouse kicks followed by a single sword swing that knocks the opponent to their knees. Jago finishes them off by stabbing his sword through their chest.

- Sabrewulf:
Series of Hamstrings followed by 'Wulf picking up the opponent in his mouth and violently shaking them around and hitting them off the floor.

- Glacius:
Series of Ice Hail followed by Glacius forming into a puddle bellow the opponent, freezing them and finishing them off with an uppercut, breaking the icy opponent into a million shards.

- Thunder:
Series of Triplex followed by Thunder summoning several huge lightning bolts on the opponent turning them into a lifeless skeleton.

- Sadira:
Series of Blade Demon followed by a Recluse, while the opponent is in the air Sadira shoots a web up at them trapping them in a web cocoon hanging from the ceiling.

- Orchid:
Orchid’s Firecat strikes the opponent several times followed by Orchid dropping her batons, approaching the opponent and flashing at them, making the opponent gasp for breath while finally fainting.

- Spinal:
Series of Searing Skulls stunning the opponent followed by Spinal Skeleporting behind them and finishing them with a giant ghostly skeleton hand uppercutting them from beneath.

- Fulgore:
Fulgore preforms an Axis Slash followed by him teleporting behind the opponent and unleashing an unholy Devastation Beam. Turning them to dust.

- TJ Combo:
Series of punches and jabs followed by TJ slapping his opponent onto their knees and snapping their neck.

- Maya:
Maya throws both daggers into the opponents chest and forehead followed by both daggers unleashing a ball of energy, stunning the opponent then finally unleashing a deadly energy blast sending both daggers flying back into Maya’s hands and leaving the opponent to fall to the ground and die.

- Kan-Ra:
Summons a Sand Spike bellow the opponent sending them flying in the air, while in the air Kan-Ra wraps them up in a bandage cocoon and squeezes them so tightly they explode.

- Riptor:
Series of Talon Strikes followed by Riptor leaping onto the opponent, the camera turns away as you hear the screams of the opponent and Riptor slicing and biting through them. The camera turns back to a very rotund Riptor lying on her back and burping.

- Omen:
Swarms of Rashakukens pierce through the opponent as Omen summons Gargos from a portal to take the opponent into his Limbo dimension.

- Aganos:
Aganos throws a rock in the air and punches it towards the opponent stunning them. He then erodes two walls infront and behind the opponent slowly closing them on on the enemy to then crush them inside the walls.

- Hisako:
Hisako teleports behind the opponent, goes inside of them and breaks every b0ne (why is that censored!?) in their body, she comes out looking at the very deformed body and finishes them off with a single nagainata slice

Walks towards the opponent, picks them up by the neck and scans them. Throws them down on the ground and leaves them while saying “I will put you back on the rightful path”

- Cinder:
Throws multiple Pyrobombs on opponent, preforms Inferno setting the opponent alight, running around like a mad man and rolling on the ground trying to put out the flames, then suddenly all Pyrobombs explode and the opponent is no more.

How to execute these finishing moves:

- Ultimates:
Opponents red health bar must disappear while you’re still in a combo. To execute the Ultimate you need to input the opposite of the Ultra command (if Ultra is QCB+3P, Ultimate would be QCF+3K) following a heavy auto-double while having full instinct meter and at least one shadow stock. If inputed correctly the stage should darken and the camera should cut to a fully dynamic brutal Ultimate finisher

- No Mercies:
Opponent’s health must be in Danger. Preform a No Mercy while your opponent is on the ground only after suffering a hard knockdown by inputting a unique command while having two shadow stocks. If inputed correctly your character should display a charging up animation while your opponent is rising from a hard knockdown, once they have fully risen your character should preform a single hit finishing move that ends the match.

- Humiliations:
Opponent should be in the danger zone while you’re still on your first health bar. Preform a humiliation during combo by inputing the No Mercy command. If inputted correctly your character should stop their combo and snap their fingers, following this a disco ball appears from the top of the stage, your opponent puts on a pair of shades and starts dancing to a music track.


I do really hope we get ultimate this season! I just want to point out that I also want no mercys to return as well. I like the idea of having both.

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I only want both Ultimates and No Mercies if they differenciate them enough form eachother!


I figure No Mercies can be used outside of a combo, like a special move. But Ultimate have to be used during, like an Ultra. Plus the animations and stuff can be two completely different things, which would also help differentiate the two.

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I wouldn’t mind Ultimates having really dynamic camera angles and being long and graphic while No Mercies are just one big “bam, you’re dead” kind of brutal finishing move to end them off.

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No mercies would definitely bump up the game’s rating.

Oh yea I wouldn’t mind either. Putting the Ultimates to the style of Shago’s, and No Mercys more similar to stage ultras. I can dig it.

That’s not necessarily true. I imagine they would be similar to stage ultras in level of “graphicness” or “intensity” . I don’t think they’d put anything that would cause a rating increase (which totally makes sense, and Is a decision I agree with as well)

Agreed, they don’t need to be bloody at all, the only body part I can see actually coming off is the head.

I think ANY body part coming off would probably cause a rating increase. I wouldn’t mind blood (I mean there’s already so much during gameplay.l, why not during ultimates?) But I think any kind of dismemberment is too far for KI.


Ultimates could be like a Special Combo like UltraSFIV: Take lot of life but its not Fatal
And No Mercy could be the Original Ultimate: A Special Finisher Attack like a Fatality

I want Ultimates too, but to be honest I’m scared we won’t get them.

lol they definitely wont be doing both in reality if they choose to do it but yeah hopefully

I love these ideas OP!

Yes I’d like to have Ultimates this season. While I’m not sure what we’re getting I’ll be sorely dissapointed to not have them.

I hope they can get them to work in places other than the characters home stae. Be a REAL shame to keep going on Cinder’s stage to do an Ultimate online. I hope they’ll have a way to make the ultimates work on all stages.

Some folks may disagree but I’ll be honest. Ultimates will add freshness to this game that Ultra combos are getting very stale with. Plus Ultimates will not be as long as Ultras that get doubled or anything, so it’ll be a wonderful way to get a satisfying victory while also not testing the loser’s paitence.

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Not if they’re done right, we can petrify and turn someone to dust so I’m assuming freezing and shattering is okay too. Incineration, melting, eating, vaporizing, breaking bones, crushing, etc should all be acceptable also.

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This I totally agree. Nothing more needs to be said.

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In MKX, the salt is real when it comes to fatalities cuz EVERYBODY does them. As long as the animations don’t take forever, it should be ok. On some legit sh*t, you could make a sandwich in the time it takes to finish a Triple Ultra in comparison.

Thats because for the most part MK’s Fatalities are really easy to do. What if in KI you needed a full Instinct meter and maybe a Shadow stock just to preform an Ultimate?

They don’t need to have blood and gore, I mean look at the stage ultra for Aganos. That is most definitely killing them. They could bring back the novelty of TJ punching a character into the screen, most of those never required a dynamic camera either. Spinal could absorb them into his shield, there are all sorts of cool non mature fatalities they could do. They don’t really need the fancy camera like they did with Shago’s ultimate, yeah it would enhance the effect, but, well let’s just see what they come up with from the communities ideas.

I totally agree, they on no way NEED gore but the amount of blood already in KI I dont see how a little gore would bump the rating.

The only other thing is that gore would take extra time to animate, I totally don’t care if someone being cut in half doesn’t have dripping blood or anything, the amount of detail is slightly important, the effect of what happens and how cool it feels to pull off is the more important part. Like stylish ultra finishers.