Ultimate Source Referral Program (Spinal Figure!)

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  1. JOIN the Referral Program starting on Nov 2nd
  2. SHARE your Unique Referral Link with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. to give them 40% off their purchase of Killer Instinct Figures
  3. You GET 1000 points for each friend that makes a qualifying purchase
  4. Redeem 1000 points to get your 40% off promo code
  5. Get 10 friends to make a purchase and you earn a FREE pre-release Killer Instinct Spinal Deluxe Set not yet available for purchase. *Shipping the free Spinal figure is limited to the US only.
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Does that mean free shipping is for US only, or will they only ship to the US?
Edit: tagging @UltimateToy and @CStyles45.

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Just found out about this. I can definitely dig it.
Adding my referral code for ■■■■■ and giggles. :stuck_out_tongue: