Ultimate Source - Killer Instinct Collectibles Referral Program

Just spreading the word. #PlayKI #CollectKI

Tuesday 11/8 we will launch our NEW referral program giving you a chance to get the Spinal Deluxe Set not only early but for FREE!!! More details coming next week!!!


Oh snap! Thanks for telling me Bass!

That free Spinal Deluxe set though :open_mouth:

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I’m not much of a Spinal player, but I like that color 10.

Oh man, I look forward to seeing the details of this!

Nice of you to spread the word, though I should point out that @SonicDolphin117 had posted about this earlier.

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If I get this, I think I will be forced to play Spinal. lol

So if I’m in the referral program, and say Bass gives me a 40% discount and vice Versa, does that mean we each have 2 40% off discounts to redeem?

Because that would be epic :open_mouth:

Have they announced any more characters?
That’s the real attractive announcements

Check out the world’s very first Cinder Color 10 in action by Ultimate Source.
You can get yours by purchasing the Cinder figure when Wave 2 comes out. (Release date: TBA)
Check out their site here ► https://ultimatesourcekillerinstinct.com/

Twitch ► https://www.twitch.tv/XiBassiX
Twitter ► https://www.twitter.com/XiBassiX

Season 3 Rough Sets with LetalisVenator (General RAAM/Gargos/Eyedol) (Cinder Edition)

Season 3 Rough Sets with GXG|FightRashFight (Fulgore/Jago) (Cinder Edition)

Check out Jago’s Color 11 in action by Ultimate Source.
You can get yours by purchasing the 9" Jago Electronic Sound-Link figure. (Release date: TBA) ► https://ultimatesourcekillerinstinct.com/collections/wave-one-figures/products/9-jago-electronic-sound-link

Season 3 Rough Sets with DarkHorse46 (Orchid) (Jago Edition)


These colors are sick. Now I’m going to have to buy one, lol.

Good salesmanship Bass.

Late Christmas presents! Lol

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@UABass You have Cinder’s Color 10.




Not only am I getting to see Cinder’s color 10, but I am also seeing some exceptional Cinder gameplay that I will use to up my own game. Excellent.

I want that color 10. Ultimate Source, I need my Cinder figure bro. When!!!


I signed up for it, for some reason my UlitimateSource account vanished, i tried to reset my password and it said no account exists under my email address… Its weird because I had an account and I bought the Shago figure with it. Oh well I re-signed up and now I’m ready to go.

It gave me the option to share it via Twitter, Facebook or a direct link. Its a pretty cool feature but honestly I don’t know anyone who’s going to buy a figure who doesn’t have one already, so the odds of getting a free Spinal figure are practically zero.

does not hurt to try I mean I have not bought regular jago yet so I might use a referal link to get a discount.

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Got my 10! Any special goodies for the first person to get 10? :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you refer yourself 10 times? :stuck_out_tongue:

I could use the help to get that awesome spinal figure http://prz.io/902g I hope that is okay.

Slight bit of a self plug, but here’s an unboxing and overview of the Spinal figure. It’s a really fantastic figure and the base is incredible!