Ultimate Source KI figure blowout sale $9.99!

Still 90 USD to shipping

give me a low price shipping, i can wait a month to get the figures, i dont care… and i will buy all

Someone who lives in the USA could make money just by buying from UltimateToys and sending them to the rest of the world for cheaper ways!

There are ways to send to Brazil for less than 20 dollars, but in ultimatoys only fedex charging 90 = /

Anyone who lives in the USA here in the forum, wants to make money by buying and sending me cheaper than Ultimatetoys? Hahah

Considering @FallofSeraphs76 works in a field that does something similar, I think he would have a real good understanding of what they are doing. No business puts things on sale unless they have to many, or a newer model/version is comming out. If they were selling so fast that they could not keep them in stock, then there is no way they would put them on sale.

It is simple “supply and demand”. They made way to many, and now they have two options. Either sit on them and sell very few, or put them on sale and sell several. Will they make as much profit, no they won’t, but they will make some and that is better than nothing. What better time to have a sale than to make sure the bank gets its money.

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Its all good man… as for the Spinal light…Its pretty bright! Was definitely a nice surprise as I wasn’t expecting it.[quote=“FeverAyeAye, post:13, topic:18136”]
Where are you getting the 90% from?


15 items out of 17 items on Blow out sale equals approximately 88% of their inventory.

5 figures
3 necklaces
1 bracelet
1 Buff
3 socks
2 pin flags

Of course this is all speculation, I have no facts. Im only going by my experience in a similar field. I dont want Ultimate Source to be in trouble or close down. But as an owner of every piece of merchandise they have and wanting more…this worries me. Also they made a lot of errors in shipping, returns, free codes for those that whined about not getting a Shago color 11, and unhappy customers that were upset about international shipping charges. Things haven’t went perfect. Lets hope this Blow out sale helps them bounce back.

Now put it this way… if you sale all you games, extra consoles, and items in your house that you use…why do you do this? BECAUSE YOU NEED MONEY TO PAY FOR SOMETHING ENCROACHING on your financial stability.

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Isn’t another reason for Ultimate Source to have this kind of sale is that they’re trying to get rid of wave 1 figures because wave 2 may be coming out soon?

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Why would you get rid of Wave 1 in order to sale wave 2? They are not the same figures. UNLESS you dont have the funds to create Wave 2 so you have no choice but to have a blow out sale in order to get caught up and back on track to move forward with Wave 2.[quote=“SadisticRage76, post:23, topic:18136”]
It is simple “supply and demand”. They made way to many, and now they have two options. Either sit on them and sell very few, or put them on sale and sell several. Will they make as much profit, no they won’t, but they will make some and that is better than nothing. What better time to have a sale than to make sure the bank gets its money.

This right here ^^^^^

I thought it could be similar to car dealerships bringing in newer model cars and having to get rid of the previous year cars so they mark them down pretty substantially.

Regardless of what the meaning behind this is I hope Ultimate Source isn’t having to go out of business or anything like that. That would be a shame.

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Yeah but they could be using a similar logic to car dealerships. When the 2017’s are ready to roll in, they need to move what’s left of the 2016 inventory, so they do a liquidation sale. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re unable to pay their bills.

Now, you might say “but figures aren’t the same as cars, it’s apples and oranges.” To that, I’d say that for the most part, inventory is inventory. Once you’ve sold though the amount that you can sell at a certain price and you need to make room for new inventory, liquidating the original inventory isn’t the craziest thing to do. They sold as much as they could at price X. Whatever they have left over, they might just want to sell at X - $30 or whatever to see if they can move more product to make room for the next group that they can sell for X.

Who knows, maybe this time they’ll make less inventory so they don’t have to have a liquidation sale, or maybe they still have one anyways to get rid of the stuff to make room for a potential wave 3.

Of course, this is all just theorizing. I agree with you in the fact that taking THIS long to get to wave 2, plus selling them for THAT small a price tag does seem somewhat troubling, at least on the surface. Of course, the timing could also be a production or supply-side issue. We really don’t know. I’m not sure that we can safely assume anything. Not that you were.

Given where KI is right now, with no 4th season announced, individual DLC for the time being, not making EVO, etc. Who knows. KI seems to be in a relatively strange place at the moment. Doesn’t surprise me that Ultimate Source might be in a strange place as well. Hopefully, everything’s okay on both sides.

Haha, just saw this after I posted. I think we’re on the same page!

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Warehousing anything costs money too. It’s possible that they are just making room in the warehouse for the arrival of wave two. I don’t know that this means they are going under. But if they were selling out if $40 figures we wouldn’t be seeing them on sale for $9.99


Well, I had Fulgore, Shago and Sabrewulf. Just ordered Hisako and Jago. Wonder what the difference is between the regular Shago and the Limited Edition Shago? I know I have the limited edition Shago since I have that box that they show on the site, but kinda curious if there’s anything different.

the box and the color code…thats it.

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Ah, gotcha. Thanks!

I would buy a couple but im broke AF right now

They are worth it if you collect figures. They look great on a shelf or around your Xbox.

I highly recommend the Spinal deluxe set and the Fulgore. Those are the best 2 IMO

I’m waiting on my spinal and 9"Jago to come tomorrow to complete my wave 1 collection. I hope they do make more wave 2 other that the o es we’ve seen. I’d love a tusk, kan Ra, Maya and mira figures

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Twice now, they’ve had amazing deals and right when I’ve had the money to spend on the figures, I really want one for my desk at work. But those shipping prices :confused: Paying $60 shipping for a $20-$25 purchase is not something my brain is willing to accept.

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$9.99 thats lit fam cant wait to pay … “postage $60.00” … well ■■■■

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Ended up nabbing Jago, Wulf, Fulgore, a Limited Ed. Shadow Jago, and a buff for US$117 ~= AU$160. I’d still like to get a Riptor among others, so I hope there’s a wave 2, but I probably have to hold out for a sale like this one if international shipping overheads don’t come down.

Like others have said, I’m willing to wait several months for figures to arrive if it reduces the cost. Also, I didn’t look into whether Ultimate Source supports freight forwarding, but if they make sure their system allows postage to a freight forwarder and provide details like weight, dimensions and cubic weight for their products, then international buyers can make the best of the postage situation by getting freight forwarders to bundle figures in with other products that are often cheaper to purchase online from US stores (e.g. PC parts).

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Has Ultimate Source given a reason why International shipping rates are so high? That’s very weird. Maybe it has to do with the fragility of the figures? Maybe they just can’t ship them like other items because they can be broken easily. :worried:

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question, if I buy the KI swag promo can I swap shadow jago for the limited edition version? I already have the standard edition.