Ultimate Source KI figure blowout sale $9.99!

I hope Ultimate Source isnt going out of business. Lots of sales lately and now $9.99???

Now is your chance to get a cheap figure if you havent already.

Also the 9 inch Electronic Jago and Spinal Deluxe set is available as well.


Thanks for pointing this out

Seems more like an overstock, publicity stunt, or marketing strategy more than loss of business.

Edit: For the record, this doesn’t include the 9’ Jago or Deluxe Spinal Set

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Checked it out. International shipping still insane. Closed browser.


Did I say that the 9 inch jago was on sale or Spinal. nope… the photo clearly states whats on sale.

And an over stock does signal the business isnt doing well. Im in the wholesale distributor business and ANYTIME you are liquidating 90% of your inventory…something isnt good. they must be struggling to make the monthly bank statements.

So if you dont understand how that works…small businesses run off bank loans. You promise the bank you will sale X amount each month or quarter. If you dont meet that goal each month then the bank notes this and will not loan you more money or may raise your interest.

When my company was behind on the goal for the month we would reach out to our customers and ask if they could take a full truckload of cookie dough at a discounted price even though they may not need that much inventory at the moment. We would build and offer enough to meet that monthly goal and nothing more.

Blow out sale is never a good sign

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Either way, I think they just got my money…

Right on! that’s great! Im not against U-Source. I just got my Spinal last week and its awesome! I’m buying the Jago tomorrow. But what Im getting at is there have been questions about when is Wave 2? What took so long for the Spinal and the Jago??? This is why… no money to make Wave 2. Didn’t meet the Bank statements each quarter, ect… Im not saying that’s the reason… but its a high possibility.

Maybe Im wrong, maybe they will announce Wave 2 next week! lets hope so. But I’m no dummy, I know the wholesale production distributor model and this scenario worries me.

Yeah, that was the answer. I’ve wanted to get the figures for some time, but never had the disposable cash to do so with them all being $30+. Been hearing people asking “when’s wave 2?” for months with no concrete answers… Yeah, this was the answer to that question.

I’m thinking about getting the Spinal too, but $50 for all the regular figures, and $50 for the Evo fund…I’m stretching here, lol!

the Spinal is so worth it…its 10x better than any of the other figures HANDS DOWN! The KI sign on the front lights up! 2 AAA batteries needed. You can also put another figure on the right side of Spinal as if they are fighting and the Green Hand is grabbing them! ( there are foot pegs for the 2nd character).

Spinal comes with 3 sets of accessories…Viking, Pre-historic and his default…ITs WORTH IT DUDE!

KI Central’s reference link. lol

Looks like someone over there is trying to get some free stuff.

Yeah $10 is a really good price but that shipping just turns me off, shame too as I’d gladly get a few for that price

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I would buy all of them if only shipping would be reasonable.
Shipment to Italy would cost me almost 60 dollah.

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Where are you getting the 90% from?

See id love to take advantage of this… but there is this donation drive for evo going on…

Relax buddy, wasn’t calling you out. Was just clearing that up for anyone who was wondering, since Spinal technically is a 6’’ figure.

Unless you work for the department responsible for the finances of the company, there is no way to know if they are doing good or bad. Everything is just speculation, so I’d rather not even spare the thought of their finances because I don’t count their numbers.

I didn’t realize it lit up… how bright is it? I might want it now…

It is ridiculous, but it looks like it’s mostly an up-front cost and bundling in more items doesn’t incur much more in shipping costs. I’m currently looking at a cart containing three figures and a Shago buff for ~97USD, shipping to Australia included.

I wish I had some cash to dispose of right now, for the price I payed for the LE Shago figure last year I could have got the entire first wave in one order now. :\

Great prices, but got the 3 skins I want, Shago 10 and a 11, Jago and Fulgore. Gimme that TJ figure!

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Orchid light up firecat CONFIRMED


*Sees Limited Edition Shago

*Bought Standard after it was de-listed

*Screaming Internally