Ultimate source figures

Does it seem, to anyone else that something may be up with the figures like wave 2 and beyond. At one point I thought to myself that over a couple years they would eventually get a figure for every character to out. Now I’m wondering if we’ll ever even end up getting wave 2.

I can only speak on behalf of myself and a close friend of mine who purchased everything from Wave 1. We both pre-ordered Shadow Jago and he looks pretty good!

The same can’t really be said when looking at the Jago, Fulgore (who can’t even stand straight), Hisako and Sabrewulf.

From memory, each one ends up costing about $70-$80 each when it’s being sent to Australia so it’s fairly pricey to get each of them.

I don’t really collect figures or statues so my perspective on “am I getting what I paid for?” may be slightly off but my honest review on these figures is that they are pretty average/poorly made.

Again, my Fulgore and my close friends Fulgore can’t stand properly and the paint work on Jago, Hisako is pretty average. Aside from Sabrewulf’s bung eye that wasn’t painted in the right place, he looks okay.

I would hope that IG and Ultimate Source have taken on the feedback of their Wave 1 batch (I appreciate that things won’t always be perfect and with each new wave {and hopefully there are more!}, I hope the quality increases).

Once they’ve done this, I would expect to see them announce a Wave 2 or something to that effect.

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Wave 2 was already shown. I believe it included Cinder, Orchid and TJ.

If that’s really Wave 2, color me confused since that means the poll on their site doesn’t mean jack as those characters arn’t anywhere on the poll options. IIRC, the poll was around at launch or sometime afterwards.

I’d have to dig through the KIWC footage, but I’m pretty sure I’m right.

Those are probably coming after Cinder, TJ, and Orchid. We know they’re making those 3 because we’ve already seen both the figures and 2/3 of the Color 10’s.

Don’t worry, you’re right. We saw proof that they’re in production. It’s just that I am 99% positive that this poll was up on Wave 1 launch.

Maybe. If my hunch is right, they must’ve changed plans. If I happen to be wrong about this, sorry about my mistake!

Yeah I know it was shown. A. Very long time ago. I’m saying I’m wondering if it’ll be released. They most likely will, but idk about beyond that. Hopefully they’ll make one for all characters though

Spinal was already shown, my favorite character gets a figure, but is the most expensive one because it comes with a “stage” to place a 2nd figure on it, I still love it. If a rash figure comes out I could die in peace

As others have said, they are probably sorting out quality issues. My Jago and Shadow Jago turned out fine. My Fulgore, Sabrewulf, and Hisako all have problems. Fulgore can barely stand up on his own. I sometimes get him to stand up straight for a while if I don’t use one of the foot pegs on his base. Sabrewulf and Hisako have warped badly under their own weight. I can position Sabrewulf so he doesn’t look too bad but Hisako just doesn’t look good at all. Considering how tiny she is, I am pretty amazed that she is warping as bad as she is.

Personally, I am going to wait a few months before buying Spinal or any other figures from Ultimate Source to see what the early adopters say.

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What do u mean warping ? I know what warping means, but how would a figure warp ?

Wow so Spinal figure is finally out? I gotta hop on that. I practically gave up on it for a while there lol


By warping, I mean the plastic bends under its own weight and stays in that position.

Seems like maybe a picture would be helpful.

I’ve mostly corrected the warping in my figures through the use of strategically-placed doll stands propping the figures up, but for a while they were pretty bad. My fulgore figure wouldn’t even stand upright. I’m almost wanting to say perhaps it was a slow curing issue… just messing around with my fulgore figure just now it feels more solid than it did when I initially got it, and it’s not falling off of its stand under its own weight now either. Maybe perhaps this is why they’ve been so hush-hush about any new figures…they needed a couple of months for the plastic to harden well.

I’m mostly just spit balling here. That may not even be a thing. I’m no plastic chemist…just a humble toy (mostly Transformers) collector

Took some effort but I got my fulgore to stand up and got his feet on the pegs and he’s been standing every since. Hopefully he stays that way. Also the normal jago doesn’t look nearly as good as shadow jago in person for some reason. His eyes are weird looking lol

Can’t wait for the Retro Sabrewulf figure to release.

…OK no.

Want my ORCHID figure NOW!!!

I feel the same about the Cinder figure and that color 10 he comes with.