Ultimate Community Fundraiser

So as many of you may heard it was announced that Shadow Jago will be the only character with in Ultimate in KI. However last time we heard something was likely to not happen IG set up a community fundraiser to bring Shadow Jago to the game.

My Question to you all is would you be willing to participate in another community fundraiser if it meant we got Ultimates brought to every character?

  • Yes
  • No

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You’re damn ■■■■■■■ right I would. We shouldn’t ■■■■■■■ have to but I would.

Not giving everyone an ultimate is ■■■■■■■ lazy, I don’t give a damn what they say or what the reason is. They know how to get the camera angles to work on every ■■■■■■■ stage, obviously, so why can’t they make them for all the characters.

■■■■, they don’t even have to be as flashy as Shagos. Rizzo from the FB group has given 5 or 6 ideas for each ■■■■■■ character that they could do.


No it should be a mechanic already I’m the game. I’m not gonna pay to fund something that should be there.
Cause if it’s starts like this, they’ll be wanting more money for other features.
The system is in place ready I’m not stamping up more cash!


im down. If they do this, my promise is to buy 50 XP boosters in a row.

I think they’ll eventually add it without a community fundraiser, but if it comes down to that, then yes, I would definitely support it.


I think they should have been done like MKX brutalities but with the Ultra ender mechanic. that would be the easiest way.
it wouldn’t be cinematic…it would be like a brutality…same side view camera angle, ect… quick and easy… PLUS, just like MKX there could be different ways to allow them to happen and make the game more challenging… multiple Ultimates and certain scenarios to keep the game play fresh

Now the cinematic approach should be done like MK9…just black out the stage scenery and do the ultimate…that would take more due to the creating the cinimeatic…but i def think everyone should have atleast ONE!

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If it came to that I definitely would. But I was hoping that Ultimates were going to be included as part of Season 3 to begin with. And I feel like the way they did Shago’s with the all-black background means that it would be easier to incorporate everyone’s, for every level, if they did the same. Plus, always ending with an Ultra gets kinda redundant after a while you know? That’s why introducing the stage enders was great (although they need to bring them to A LOT more levels).
And they did such a great job with how you can only do it if youre life is still green. Such an awesome mechanic, it’s really a shame they only gave it to Shago smh

I agree with gaz. Maybe at some point last year I would have thought differently but I think the original fund raiser proved to m$ to invest in the game and I think with the pc port and season3 coming validates them putting money into the game. No need for us to be funding for something that’s already there.

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I’d put cash in to get ultimates, clearly they aren’t going to do it on their own despite it being one of most heavily requested features by the community. I also want to see an Omen “real boy” fund to give him real animations, more polish, achievements, accessories, etc.


I’d pitch in for just about anything KI Dev related… save for something dumb like a “Let’s Reveal More of Orchid’s Bum” fundraiser.


No - 31%?

What’s wrong with them?! Whole KI characters must get ultimate!


I certainly would. Because I freakin’ want em! I know they have other things to do of course like characters and balancing, but the fact that they had said they had no plans for Ultimates in that fashion just eats at me! and if their’s a way to increase resources for them to do it, I wouldn’t mind a fun-raiser!

IG should at LEAST consider in doing Ultimates they are clearly wanted, if I have to wait till after season3, I do not care, I want Ultimates

I agree, Ultras and Ultra-enders are now redundant. Let’s have some Ultimates to keep things going!

The solution to everything isn’t “lets throw money at it!” Based off this and several posts in the past If IG were different people they could easily take advantage of this community.

I can understand that being an issue. The problem is that people really wanna drive home that they want this feature in the game. It should never be left out nor exclusive to one character. IG incidentally popped alot of balloons with that announcement.

I think this is a little preemptive.

Ultimates or No Mercys have been a staple of the KI franchise and to strictly never bring them back would have been like not bringing back Ultra Combos. They might of well as not even re-made the game then at that point and should of just made a new IP fighter. It is in my utmost opinion that IG and MS are trolling us right now with saying there won’t be any more for other characters. Throwing money at them when we really don’t know anything probably isn’t the best way to handle things at the moment.

If indeed they were serious about not doing Ultimates or No Mercys in the game period or rather for S3, then that is when we need to step up but since S3 isn’t even out yet we can’t really say for sure.

It would be very disheartening to hear if the #1 requested feature to bring back for 3 years now isn’t put into the game. While stage-ultras were cool, I’m sure everyone would trade them all day long for Ultimates as a replacement feature.


I hope LCD you’re right on that. and I admit, I’d happily trade stage Ultras for Ultimates if I wanted to. But even though they sounded sincere you could be right that they might be trolling, perhaps maybe this is just a “wait and see” kinda of thing.


Well guys, they didn’t say yes or no. James dodged the question (IMO) saying Shadow Jago is the only character with an Ultimate in the game, but I’m sure he alluded to Completed. Jago could have an Ultimate in the works for example, but It isn’t an Ultimate yet. MEANING. Shadow Jago technically is the only character in KI with a Ultimate. Have faith! I mean, they did figure out the problems with Shago’s Camera, so why stop there? To me, Shadow Jago is a S3 Test Character. :smile:

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This so far is the only thin that could confirm this:


It’s on Riptor’s stage! something’s fishy here…If they said you can only do it on Shago’s stage, but here it is…

It may de-confirm that only Shago can do it on his stage…though…it still does not confirm whether or not the rest of the cast will get one.

They said that he could only do it on Shago’s stage initially then they fixed their ■■■■ and got it to work everywhere else. Which is part of the reason I’m so heated about nobody else getting one.