TV - Monitor: Discussion, Specs, and Debate!

Continuing the discussion from The slow, sad, realization that we already know everything that will be in S3 launch:

Some of our members began a discussion about whether it was better to play games (whether KI or not) on a monitor or television, including device specs and specific models.

While it was a bit off-topic in the original thread, I think it’s definitely deserving of its own thread to continue the conversation. Please weigh in regarding what kind of video device you use or prefer, and add to the discussion!

Personally, I’m playing on a 55" Samsung LED television; I don’t have the model or specs in front of me now, but I’ll try to update that later tonight.

@DANECKBRE4KER, @GodtierMacho, @Akudesyn, @ShabuWL, @Ziarist please feel free to continue your discussion here!

I do not have any equipment that’s up to date…but Im interested in “what is the best product”…as I plan to get a new TV soon.

I have a 52 inch Sony Bravia but its about 6-7years old I think.

Hi guys, if you’re planning on getting a tv you can check the input lag here:

I got a 2013 55" Sony KDL-55W802A 1080p 120hz 3D LED HDTV and it scores 17ms of input lag, wich is Amazing for a big screen TV.

I played FGs on both 2ms displays and my TV, you can feel the difference but it’s really small and once you adjust to the new timing your results won’t be compromised. I can perform 1 link frames, reaction anti airs and all the good stuff just as well. I suggest going for a gaming monitor only if you are a tournament player, just to get used to the timing of tournament monitors. If the only screen you’ll ever gonna use is your TV then as long as you are around 20ms lag you’ll be just fine imho.

PS: It’s very importat, when you play on a TV, to disable whatever image enhancement processing the tv is doing (motion flow, dynamic contrast, nois reduction and so on) because these algorithms add a sgnificant amount of input latency! You can do it manually, but usually the “gaming” TV preset does it for you:)


thanks for the link. I’ve been using a 6-year old 32" LCD TV to run my consoles on, and I seem to miss a lot of breakers online. It would be easy to determine if it was my TV’s fault if I didn’t have such a ■■■■■■ ISP, I’m just screwed all over but your link helps me maybe adjust a little.

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No prob:) I’m a bit of a tech freak, so if I can be of any help to the community it’s my extreme pleasure!


I bought a 27" 1080p monitor and I have a 50" 4k TV. The TV is horrible. I had it before I had the monitor and I thought it was fine, after playing on the monitor I realized it was a difference like night and day, could never go back, not even for single player games.

EDIT: Don’t know the specs anymore

Early 4k TVs suffer from really bad input lag…

This is one of the best, matching my tv:
2015 65" Samsung UN65JU7500 4K 120hz 3D LED HDTV 17ms

but its 2.200-3.000 bucks…

Your absolute main consideration should be display lag. If it’s about 17 ms or less (16.6666 etc. to be exact), then you’re golden - that’s exactly one frame of display lag, anything below that won’t be noticeable, and playing with this won’t really affect your offline timngs. Well, maybe except very link-heavy games like USF4. Of course there are other considerations like resolution, how deep the blacks are, contrast, color temperature and balance, etc. but for gaming, I would say those are not as important.

Judging by the posts in this thread and the previous one, Sony W-series Bravia TVs do an excellent job. I own one myself, except it’s an older 42" model (KDL-42W705 or W706. can’t remember exactly), and it is absolutely excellent. I’ve even plugged in my laptop using HDMI and played Rising Thunder on my TV that way and felt no difference to playing it on the laptop (and, previously, desktop). I believe it is an excellent choice for fighting games, just make sure to check (or Google) what the actual tested display lag is on a given model, don’t go by the label alone.

Like @Akudesyn wrote, use gaming mode. Or do like I did and disable any and all enhancements by default for anything you do on your TV, unless you have an analog TV source. Me, I don’t actually use my TV for TV; I just use it for Netflix, DVDs/BluRays and so on, so I turned it all off. Motion blur in particular really grinds my gears. Also, be careful when choosing - the rule of thumb is that the bigger the screen and the more extra features it has (3D, 4K UHD, bla blah), the more likely it is to have larger display lag. And we all know how important that is for fighting games (or any real-time competitive game, I think).

@DoobyDude23 - you can check your breaker timing’s on Infil’s KI site.

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I recently played with a more competitive setup than sitting on my couch and playing through my computer on the TV. I noticed that juggles that I would have 95% no problem performing, I was suddenly dropping about 90% of the time. I’ve accepted that it’s likely just my TV and I’ll look at changing my setup at a later date, but my question is: would playing just using my laptop’s monitor help in the meantime? Is there any built in display lag or latency or whatever that’s present in laptop monitors?