The slow, sad, realization that we already know everything that will be in S3 launch have no idea who the next 4 characters are(leak or no leak).
2. You dont know the new modes adam mentioned
3. Nothing about KI gold for s3 content was revealed altogether yet
so you really dont know everything story mode hasnt been revealed yet for s3

Exactly correct. The point is, the last two of those things should be known 5 days before launch. As far as we know there are no new modes.

I wouldn’t recommend playing games on a tv, especially not fighting games online.

Although you wouldn’t recommend it there are TVs out there just as good as any monitors. I play games on my TV and with the gaming features turn on it was less than 10ms input delay which is basically nothing. Monitors only really matter for high setting PC gaming although monitors are cheaper than TVs if looking for lower ms at the cost of picture quality(colorsc etc).

We’re getting way more at launch than we got in Season 2 at the start… it’s what comes after launch that’s got me thinking…

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I was really picky about my TV, i got the 55" with the lowest input lag on the market (it’s a Sony Bravia W series). 12ms it’s very good for a big screen like this and once you get used to the timing you’re good to go. What’s the point of nice graphics if you’re gonna watch the game on a little screen? XD

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I did a bunch of research a while ago and also bought W-series Bravia (42"); I can confirm that it works great for KI and other fighting games. I will make a direct comparison once I have the game on PC, but I’m very happy with it.

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The difference between my monitor and TV is stupid.

Monitor = 3ms
TV = 25

We didn’t know anything about Shadow Lab when Season 2 launched, and I don’t think we even knew Ranked was going to be redone; we certainly didn’t know HOW it was being redone.

I’m totally OK with not knowing every detail about S3 at launch; we’ll be excited to learn about every new feature the same way we get excited and have renewed interest in the game every time a new character is launching.

@Ziarist, @ShabuWL, @GodtierMacho @Akudesyn - I like the discussion regarding monitors vs TVs, but since we’re getting a bit off topic, let’s make that its own thread. You might also get more people involved in the discussion that way, I’ve seen MvTV come up occasionally before.

Yes sir, Mr. Skeltal. Doot doot. Don’t take my calcium.


Yeah, you’re blaming IG for an imaginary slight against you when it was DOUBLE HELIX that designed ALL those stages you just mentioned. Season 1 stages were made by a different developer, with a different intent. Stage Ultras weren’t even a thing until season 2, so you are being unfair in your argument.

I will admit though, I voted for all characters to have ultimates, but there’s only so much time and budget.

The karma of the universe: When you/industries/games are doing well, you/they’ll destroy and do a complete mess.

What? The higher price of a tv doesn’t mean it has better picture quality (it can). You pay a higher price because it comes with a remote, has its own OS, has like 1 million ports on the back, and has speakers inside. Most monitors lack all those things.

Would give a reply but off topic.

I’m just saying, every stage looks like it had a stage ender in mind…stage ultras, and ultimates are two different things though…

its hard to say who’s fault it would be, hell its hard to say if they actually intended to make every stage have a stage ender to begin with…I really wanted the chopper to light up someone on orchids stage though :stuck_out_tongue:

but even mayas and riptors stages could have enders in them…I would rather have Ulimates as welll though.

The IGN preview video of Maya’s stage for season 2 previously had a stage ultra.

Why they deleted it, not sure

Oh I have 50" sharp flatscreen its glorious to play games on

Do u have a link to the footage?

Dustin lagerie was the one who was testing it.
Should be In IGN archives

What do you mean? The only difference is that there are two more characters. Other than that KI season 2 had a huge UI change, Rebalance, Lighting change, Ranks, Lobbies, colors, and other stuff.