The slow, sad, realization that we already know everything that will be in S3 launch

  • I think they said on the stream yesterday that they were playing the build, or close to it, that was submitted to Microsoft
  • The mention by Adam yesterday on the stream that the KI gold will be valuable for things “coming later in the season”
  • A couple of weeks ago IG on their Sunday stream dropped multiple hints about big stuff they were working on yet to be revealed. But since then, it’s been mums the word. So whatever they are working on, won’t be in at launch.


  • I think it’s fairly obvious that we are not getting any new modes for launch. Not a peep about them. I mean, they are teasing tusks retro for the day before launch? That’s the only stream we have on the calendar right now.
  • From the recent streams, it looks like the two profiles local bug is still not addressed.

Anyway, I’m a little sad. I figured through the last 9 months we would have some new modes to play with. I, for one, play more single player than multiplayer. I know I’m in a minority but I was looking forward to new things to do single player.


But what about the other 4 characters? What if they didn’t even show the new modes they’ve been working on? What about balance tweaks that will be happening throughout the course of the season. We don’t know EVERYTHING.

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I partially share your concerns. It’s a bit wierd that we still know nothing about possible new SP modes.
Other than the tusk stream there will be the launch trailer… I will stay optimistic and say that some surprisce could be revealed in the trailer, just because they are being super silent about it.

Still you are probably right, the big new stuff will come in future updates, maybe even after the last 4 characters release. A clear example is the Shadows being completed at the end of S2.

Anyway, don’t be sad, S3 will be good no matter what:)


Well, game modes probably won’t come until later, that’s true. But usually when new games modes are added, they are usually worth the wait we go through for them to arrive. However, with four new characters to try and learn, and updates to the previous cast to make them better, there’s still a lot to look forward to with the multiplayer we have. The online battlefield is going to look different from all the rash, kim wu, tusk, arbiter matches, and even old favorites getting new tools.

Besides, there are at least 6 more days before launch, and Rukari has been dropping some pretty nice information and surprises now and again.

Yep we actually know very very little. Finger crossed for the launch trailer… I want a big flashy boom with it.


I’m coming to the realization that the PC version is what cost us 5 stages. It seems like IG is under the same tight schedule they were under for season 2. I think they should have pushed the PC release back and focused on completing the Xbox One version first.


I was thinking the same thing

I think you are probably right.

Yeah, this was also the case with S2. The launch was just… embarrassing and then it continued to break my heart pretty much every month. IG are the slowest workers in the biz.

It’s actually a little worse than S2. By this time last year we were on the 7th character (6th if you don’t want to count Omen), and each came with their own stage! But all the new modes did come very, very late in the season (or flat out dead last).

So, yeah, by now I’m familiar with IG’s MO. I was fully expecting this again. There’s no more heart left for them to break :’(

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it’s a trade I’ll take any day. Opening the game up for potentially milions of new players is much more important than 5 new stages. Those can wait, we already have 20 stages, most games don’t even have that many.

More players > more popularity > bigger tournaments > more income > more hope for the future of the game!

Not to mention I’m finally gonna be alble to play the game at my TV’s native resolution! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just wait for the launch trailer and we’ll be exploding from hype.

I am disappointed in this too its been so misleading

I absolutely LOVED the monthly releases. But I also realized they were barely making it by the skin of their teeth and I’m sure it was hell for them. So I was really bummed when I heard we wouldn’t be getting S3 for 9 months. But, I also thought “wow, think of all the stuff they can do to and add to the game for launch day!” - I even ignorantly sort of thought that most of S3 would be done and completed day 1. It’s clearly not the case.

I’m not even one to complain about missing stages. I don’t care. I’m just talking content in general.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the 4 new characters are awesome. But, um. If I’m not a PC player, what did 9 months get us? I’m certain they are working on a lot more for S3 but come on - 9 months = 4 characters and new lighting and that’s it for launch?

I’m still holding out hope that friday or sunday we will get a surprise stream showing something amazing.

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REALLY? Are you people out of your mind? IG had TJ working 2 month after getting their hands on DH’s code (a proprietary engine on top of it), and then pumped out relentlessly one character a month.

I don’t know your definition of fast, but in my galaxy, these devs are mad fast!


This @Thurstbucket, i completely I thought I missed something on the stream if we get the game Tuesday 4 them to not say anything about any new modes is infuriating on many levels. I didn’t like or trip about the enders, don’t mind the guest characters or lack of stages… but to ask for 40 bucks which imho is reasonable but 10 bucks 2 high, you have 2 justify that imo. I know we getting gold but 4 what I have ultra 1 and 2 like many here. But no mention of modes like really?? I’m gladly gonna pay but so far I’ve spent 120.00 and still not have a real dojo 4 all characters or story mode has me kinda questioning what exactly have IG been doing? The lighting thing is nice but kinda unneeded surely they have something up there sleeves but it doesn’t seem very thought out because some thing else shold be there at launch its IGs’ second season so if they had time to lighten the game they had time to add more content besides characters 4 launch. I’m very very very over the hush hush attitude they’ve adopted this go round. With less than a week left it just seems silly beyond all logical reason imo.

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Lots of mentions about a new game mode. We already have the most important one. 1 v 1 fighting.


I’m just waiting on the season 3 combo breaker edition.

True, I’m thinking the same thing but since Idk if I’ll need the 40 bucks of gold for something I don’t already own. I feel like I have to pony up because it’ll most likely cost more than 18k gold when all said and done.

As long as you are 1 v 1 online. Forget having local 1 v 1 matches with friends, since only one person gets anything on their stats, xp, or achievements from it.

I feel you, however I’ll wait to get to that bridge. I’ll I need is the characters right now.