Tusk's Stance - Back or Front?

I’ve been wondering how IG might pose Tusk in his neutral stance.

Back when KI was first announced, alot of people noticed that Jago’s Wind Kick had him fly through the air with his front towards the screen, while he clearly had his back turned on the screen in past iterations. The reason for this, as far as I remember, is because Double Helix had some problems with it showing his back or something like that.

So I wonder if that means IG might have some problems with Tusk if he had his back turned in his stance, as he did in KI2:

Personally, I would be understanding if that’s the case, and have Tusk face his front towards the screen instead of his back. It’s a minor thing, and though I think it is pretty cool that Tusk kinda breaks the typical by having his back turned, it won’t break my entire view on him.
(Some fans have a tendency to over-exaggerate, calling everything broken, wrong and disastrous just because of a few minor things that are in truth rather insiginificant)

I do wonder, since Tusk has that awesome tattoo on his back as shown in the teaser trailer, if he has that indeed because IG intends to have him turned his back on the screen in his neutral stance.

With all that detail put into that design, it would be such a shame to have that be hidden, and I hope IG indeed put that much detail in it BECAUSE Tusk will have his back turned!

What do you guys think?

Microsoft has intended to make Cinder an alien on fire. A mortal enemy of Glacius species. Also they were about to make him a backfacing character.

But the community has begged to IG to save it for Tusk. So he has a big chance to have his stance exactly as it was on KI2/Gold.

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I don’t feel right about Tusk’s back showing. Why not go like Sieg’s or Nightmare’s stance instead?

Siegfried has his back turned to the screen as well, at least on the Player 1 side.

But why aren’t you feeling right about Tusk turning his back to the screen?

Because Tusk was a backfacing character in KI2, and he isn’t either Siegfried or Nightmare; essentially the end of the discussion, honestly.

It could be refreshing to have him as he were initially presented-
However I do love that MK lets you face your character either side

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Hehe, I’ve always thought that was utterly stupid and useless. XD

Don’t tell me you don’t just make em hop hop front to back lol

PS catch that ki2 tusk THIGH action

I remember when it was a feature in MK9 at first when the game launched, I did that… but it is indeed so incredibly useless! Alot of people on the MK forums wanted Taunts or something else the last button could do, but NRS wanted to show Capcom how to make a 2.5D fighting game where you don’t have to switch claw depending on which side you’re on.
(Vega’s claw switches hands depending on what side he is on)

[quote=“TheIncubusLord, post:9, topic:5340”]
(Vega’s claw switches hands depending on what side he is on)
[/quote]Yes, SF2 was 2D sprites in which case that was understandable, But when SFIV came out that problem should have been solved. Capcom needs to remember that Vega’s claw goes on his left hand not his right.

Yes, I meant of course in SF4, not the 2D sprites. As you said, that’s only understandable.

I knew what you meant, I was just pointing out SF2 as an example with the hand switching.

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Front facing is what I would normal expect, but with the amount of detail on his back tattoo him facing the other way seems very possbile

Also, does anyone have an idea of what the medallion/circle thing is that is on his backstrap, as there is a tattoo of the same exact thing thing in the center of that graphic on his back. Same design and everything.

Want back facing Tusk? Just use one of the many glitches that cause characters to turn around. (Unless they’ve removed them all for S3.)

Like I said, I wouldn’t mind seeing him have his front towards the screen, but I think it would be neat if he had his back turned. So I see no reason to try and break the game just for something like that.

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It would sure look really odd if he’s always back to camera when he’s being hit/thrown/ ultra’d…

I could work with that.

If they had done that from the very start with all the characters it would be plausible, but I doubt they would do it just for Tusk. It’s either going to be front or back netrual stance at times, just like the rest of the roster.

Question is… which one.

back facing of course