Tusk's Music

So since the start of season 2, all the returning characters theme music have been remixes of classic themes in some form (yes TJ counts since it’s a remix of Freeze). So is it safe to say Tusk’s theme might be a remix if his classic theme?

A bit early to say but I don’t think his teaser theme is a remix. I’d imagine Celldweller will have Heavy Metal guitar riffs in there.

Something like this. ^^

This please

I think we heard a bit of it in his teaser… its a full orchestral, symphonic piece recorded in Bulgaria or wherever they stated they were recording new music at a few months ago.

Im sure its will be similar but not a direct copy like S1 and 2 had in some ways.
It would be nice if the main theme is tucked in there somewhere, somehow!
Tusk KI2 is my favorite them from that game by far!!!

Was hoping for something like this:

That was my first thought too, but I have my doubts. Going back and seeing Kim’s and Arbiter’s teasers, the snippet of the themes in those were not exactly indicative of the genre of their theme.

I’ve been having similar thoughts too.

As can be heard here:

Tusk’s stage music is absolutely amazing! Epic metal with a deep male choir in the background!

I was honestly hoping for something more like a full orchestral version of his original music, maybe add some chorus & maybe some minimal guitar, but the big focus would be the orchestra…I honestly was disappointed in his new music…it just sounds like someone doing a metal cover of Skyrim music.

…but to be fair…I can’t really hear much on that link over the sound effects.

Tusk’s music sounds good. Very Nordic and powerful, and I found myself liking it.

…and then I remembered how insanely EPIC his old music was and I got sad :sweat:

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I was honestly hoping for something more like this:

& I’ll leave this here for comparison…

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I was hoping for theme to sound almost like this:

It wont be long and we will have the themes to rear apart and compare to Micks themes and I have a feeling Cellar Dweller and the other cat are gonna be ripped to shreds.

So far none of the tunes just blow me away, but Im not judging to closely just yet as I haven’t heard the full dynamic theme more than 1 siting. I need at least 10 or so spins of a song to let it truly sink in.

I want Mick back!!! lol

From what I heard so far, I like it. Can’t wait to hear the full theme

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I actually really like Kim’s theme, so I’ve got no complaints about them. And as I said, Tusk’s theme isn’t bad by any means - just doesn’t compare to the ubbridled awesome that was Tusk’s original theme. :-p

Not really sure Mick could’ve matched up with that either to be honest.

I like Kims theme…its really catchy and the chorus is always stuck in my head…so I guess that makes it a good song. But I haven’t had a chance to really listen to all 4 of them like I want to.

But so far, from the brief listens I have had, something feels thin, B grade, not top tier like Micks.

I mean Fulgore, Hisako, Glacius , Jago!!! Omen, Mayas theme OMG is just beautiful… you know what I mean… just brilliant pieces of musical art.

Well, music is fairly subjective. I don’t like Fulgore’s theme for instance, and I couldn’t place Glacius’ theme if someone played it for me right now.

Mick Gordon was absolutely a genius (Maya’s theme is amazing, Jago’s is great, Aganos, etc). That doesn’t mean he always had a hit on his hands though, and so far I’m liking what Atlas Plug and Celldweller are doing. Do I wish Mick had stayed? Absolutely - he was a known quality and I felt like he was hitting his stride. But so far the new composers are doing fine by my lights.

I wish we had at least small previews of the themes like they did with Rash. I mean they have to do versions for the trailers anyway so why not release them without the sound effects and voice over?

It would be cool it they did what Mick did and put samples the themes on vine or whatever just to give us a taste of what to look for.