Tusk shoulder attack too similar to Glacius

anyone feel like they just took glacius shoulder, and basically copy and pasted it for tusk?

Not cool Lazy

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I thought that at first, but literally all (well, almost all) the properties of Tusk’s shoulder charge is different from Glacius’. So it’s alright, imo.

Aside from both being shoulder chargers they’re not really all that similar. Glacius stays standing and charges you in the face, Tusk crouches low and charges you in the gut, more of a tackle than a shoulder charge. Plus they’re both using opposite shoulders and Tusks is his slow linker whereas Glacius’ shoulder is his fast linker.

Still looked copy and pasted to me…

How is it copy and paste, I don’t get it. The moves look nothing alike, aside from leading with the shoulder.

Or do you mean copy and paste as far as how they’re used in gameplan? Which doesn’t seem true either.

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Then you didn’t look close enough.

eh, ill talk bout it later, its friday n i wanna chill.

tusk out 1 - 10 maybe 3 over… Just my opinion. could change over time.

Are you talking about appearance? animation? gameplay?

There’s only so many ways to throw a shoulder. Tusks shoulder charge comes after a mobility move or as a shadow only. It’s very different from Glacius’s.

For a frame of comparison, we have three characters (Jago, Spinal and Tusk) who have spinning sword shadows.

Just compare how glacius colde shoulder looks, then look at tusks shoulder attack.

They are pretty much identical. Its just like they copied the code for glacius and applied it to tusk. It looks exactly the same.

It can’t possibly look exactly the same. Tusk is facing backwards. Also, the proportions of the characters - and their underlying skeletal rigs - are completely different.

I mean, a shoulder hit is a shoulder hit. There’s only so many ways to animate it.

it looks really really similar…we will see soon enough

Sorry, it really doesn’t. I’m a Glacius main and I’m very used to looking at Galcius’s cold shoulder and Tusk is way lower in his body posture as he throws the move. It’s not the same animation at all.

We can actually see right now. You can go to the youtube video. The shoulder rush (which only comes after his dodge move) debuts around 28:30

I’ve just been watching it again and it’s not like Glacius’s move at all. Glacius hardly looses any height when he does cold shoulder. Tusk is like a full foot and a half lower than his standing stance.

It’s still a shoulder hit, but other than that they don’t have anything in common. It’s a bit rough to say the devs are lazy when you can’t even look at the video to confirm what you are accusing them of before you post…


So you are saying at 1:11 when he shoulders it does not look like copy pasted from Glacius.

At 1:11 it’s still the Tender Moments placeholder… But I’m looking at it right now and at a video of Glacius doing cold shoulder. It’s not the same.

Well I beg to differ will see when the final product comes out how about that?

I mean both Spinal and Jago have twirling sword attacks, eventually you’re going to run into characters that share traits.

The only thing they have in common is that they attack with their shoulders. But the animations look nothing alike.

Glacius flies across the floor with his shoulder charge while Tusk takes a simple step forward, even ducks down a bit and then crashes his shoulder into the opponent.

If you can’t see that, then it’s because you don’t want to. It truly just sounds like you want to complain about something and then feigns ignorance when someone proves you wrong. It’s not about opinions, you are just simply not right in this.

This is a really good example. As you said, both Spinal and Jago have spinning sword slashes, but they look nothing alike other than the fact they spin them upwards. Same with Glacius’ and Tusk’s shoulder charges.

You apparently forgot that Riptor also has a shoulder charge because you never complained about hers… :wink:


They’re two different animations buddy. Take a closer look, keep them open side-by side and you’ll notice why its different. Just because he and Glacius have a shoulder charge, doesn’t mean they’re copy-pasted.

I like that Glacius & Tusk stomp like a beast😆