Tusk should be NERFED!

Who else thinks Tusk is broken and should be NERFED?


I don’t even play Tusk but I think he’s fine.

How about no?

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Yea, it’s blatantly obvious all the Season 3 characters are completely broken, Tusk being the worst. Two pokes and like a 3 hit combo and you’re down a life bar already. I’m not even joking. lol


yea how about no

Kinda this.

It’s not an coincidence that most Top 32 players has Tusk on fav, or at least at level 50.
==>Only one mistake and say goodbye to half of your health bar or almost.

Rash has absolutely 0 frame stop after his moveset. You cannot ever punish him whatsoever move he did.
Kim Wu feels balanced. No much range. Close combat…and when she go double dragon Kick and punish you a half HP bar with 3 moves, you can cry xD.

Arbiter feels the one who got decent balance.

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Even though he does do a lot of damage I feel he has too many things that are broken. For example, it’s dang near impossible to cross him up. You can be behind him and he can still swing his sword and hit you. It’s ridiculous. On top of that, his counter from his basic attacks is way overpowered. Not to mention, he’s the only character with a stagger ender. Free extra damage :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

No. Kim Wu’s shadow stomp at the end of a combo though that knocks out like 45 health. Yeah…


Yea, Arbiter is good but not OP like the other 3, he doesn’t do insane damage at least.

You can punish him on everything other than light boot.
As for Tusk he’s fine, if you fight him like you’d fight every other character then you’re gonna get wrecked. Spacing is key for this one.


Tusk is fine

I have played both, and on average I do more damage with Kim than I do with Tusk.

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I used to think that tusk was op in terms of damage but once you figure out how to fight him it’s quite easy.

I think he needs damage reduction on some moves and combo strings - somewhere in the ballpark of 20-25% I’m thinking…

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I`d like to play Tusk because I like his barbaric appearance, plz dont call me skrub ;____;

Besides, I was fighting some Tusks and his main weaknesses are his moves are REALLY slow, and he has trouble against zoning at max distance (Jago`s delayed endokukens ftw)

The funny thing is imo is Arbiter the strongest of the new Characters. You eat setup after setup after setup. And as long as grenades are in his backpocket taking damage is unavoidable.

If they want to touch Tusk they should do careful tweaks but not lower his damage. the fear of getting hit is part of his gameplan. Get the opponent scared to mixup him up freely.

stuff like

cr.hp deflect should only work on airborne characters.

maybe near at point blank s.hp should be easily punishable by everyone.

would not hurt his gameplan too much.

Im not saying he should be nerfed. I play Tusk :smiley: but sometimes even i think wow that st.hp was bad placed and still im out of range for a jab punish and cr.hp deflect window is so huge that it can act as a “reversal” style move which would be fine if he did not have a true dp :smiley:


I tend to agree. Arbiter is a beast. If you get locked in a corner with an Arbiter who has instinct and meter, its gave over. There is literally nothing you can do. It makes me wonder “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!”


Tusk does need to be nerfed. They need to take away his damage and add some more tools.

The games just go to fast. You dont have time to “read” your opponent. It makes the games more luck based. Having more gameplay time is always a funner experience because you get more time to adapt to the fight. Rewarding 1 lucky lockout with potentially 70% damage is not fun.

There is nothing wrong with “high damage” characters, but there needs to be a balance in the ratio of the characters damage to the total amount of life in the life bar. If the life bar were longer, then his damage would be OK, but right now the ratio really hurts the FUN of playing against him.


While I wouldn’t mind if his damaged were reduced, I’m always in favor of seeing characters get some more tools, so I’ll take that trade off. :slight_smile:

I tend to think that waiting for the whole season to come out, and letting players find new tech throughout the whole roster before deciding one character is now solo elite tier less than a month after season 3’s launch might be jumping the gun a bit, but we’ll see.

I tend to think they’ll nerf some of his damage a little bit, especially if tourneys turn in to Tusk-offs (which I tend to doubt they will).

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Tusk has way too many bad matchups for it to become a tusk off in tourney.

Aganos, shago, hisako, jago, glacius, fulgore all match up favorably against Tusk.

He’s more likely to be pocket against guys like spinal or tj.