Tusk retro tease

i dont know if this was posted yet but heres some screens from today’s exhibition

personally i think it looks pretty good.


Can’t quite tell if he has his ponytail. And it doesn’t seem like he’s got dark face paint around his eyes. But other than that, it looks pretty cool. I really hope he has his ponytail, though.

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He does have the ponytail, it just looks like it’s tied lower on the back of his head.

Well, rukizzel said in the stream we would see his retro some time next week, then we can get a better look at him. ^^

Correction: We’ll be seeing Arbiter’s colors and retro next week, Tusk’s the week after. :stuck_out_tongue:

… Well, f#ck.

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I may change my mind when I see him in better detail later, but I see no problem with this retro. Seems like he has everything that made Tusk Tusk.

Beard vs Shaven face theories lmao

OMG i hate the gameplay changes on that new man called tusk :rage:

look at this retro :grinning: there missing only the old game play and DAAAHHHHh .
OMG why you did this tho me IG???.

@CStyles45 can we have a shadow TUSK please

cause these retro design is made for a DAHH concept

Well, I adjusted the brightness and contrast of the image a little bit. This was the result…


WOW!!! His retro look Fn awesome!!!

Thank god they kept his tattoo and the barbarian look…Im very pleased with this!

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while I can’t get a supper good veiw of it, I have to say that has some serious promise.

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Looks good to me, I just hope his accessories aren’t too goofy.

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damn i thought kim retro was hot


he runs circles around all the other retros

THIS is the reward for being the last original roster member created for the new series!

Kim & Tusk Retros will now be my two shadows

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I can dig it!! No goofy accessories please.

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Tusk is going to be one of those characters where I hop between Retro and Modern on a whim. This looks awesome! Can’t wait to see his colors and accessories! :heart_eyes:

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Request for barefoot or Roman/ Spatacus/ 300 sandals Tusk

Oof, he looks good. <3

… Excuse me while I wipe my drool away.