Tusk retro costume gameplay!

I’ve written before that I don’t buy the costumes or accessories, but damn, that sword is so much better than the regular one.


WOW that dude is NAKED lol. That’s a really good Retro though, looks 10x better than his default look imo

Awesome, thanks for posting this! When/where did they show this?

Edit: But yeah, Tusk’s face did NOT look good in that lighting in the end. Looked kinda freaky.


The guy next to Rucari has a 343 studios T-shirt and they’re using Arbiter, so I’d say it was a Halo stream.

The snake tattoo glows red too!!!

Oh my gosh it looks so cool

Holy crap, that screen shot from the other day was real! I thought it was photoshoped. His face looks baaad…

Wait I’m confused… HOW IS THAT NOT RETRO?

There’s one in every thread.


Well to be honest his retro looks better than Kim Wu’s, But first he doesn’t have the eye make-up and second his ponytail is in the wrong position. I’m pretty sure someone else will point out more things I may have overlooked.

his ponytail is in the wrong OMG im done…jut…done


At least two. :wink: See just below your post.

2 minor details (one that doesn’t make sense to me) makes this response Valid?

I don’t even know what to say.

There will never be a retro that is 100% accurate. I thought we knew this already. I like what they did with it.


In my opinion this is the best retro in the game . The eye make up is not even really noticeable in KI 2. Really ?? The ponytail is not in the right position ??? Are you serious lol ? Come on man… To take someone like tusks KI 2 look , and bring it to the modern day is no easy task. The fact that they were able to make it look this good says a lot …

Oh cool, he has the revealing loincloth. That’s it, that demonstrates exactly what I need to know about this game.

Good job on those double standards, IG. You won’t censor male characters with spats and longer coverings to cover up their naughty bits, but if it’s a female character you have to censor it immediately, is that it?

Thanks, now I know what direction you’re going with this game and I don’t want any part of it.


His retro is a barbarian/caveman for goodness sake…

Besides have you seen Maya’s retro? She has arguably less clothes than Tusk… her skirt is the miniest of the mini.

Post like this really make me lose faith in humanity.[quote=“KashaPsychoJosh, post:18, topic:6769”]
Thanks, now I know what direction you’re going with this game and I don’t want any part of it.

Please by all means, we could use less toxic voices around here.


As I posted in another thread:

Just watched the customization items. I liked the Valhalla one for main and the Gladiator one for the retro. The Executioner one was kinda cool too, but I wasn’t a big fan of the Gearbox, the Primal or the Suplex accessories. I might just use retro tusk and only put on his Gladiator pants, leaving the rest be, as I thought that looked cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

I…Don’t get it…

Enjoy SFV?


Funnily enough, SFV over sexualizes it’s female characters lol.

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