Tusk as an immortal!

Kill Bill Kim Wu + He Man Tusk = Game of the Year 2016

Also @SithLordEDP "Hanna Barbarian"
My sides, the burn. That is beautiful.

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Tusk, maybe an outdoor survivor as the developers said.

But would he also be a descendant of a barbarian in ancient times who fought against Gargos and his people?

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Perhaps Tusk will be cursed by the king with immortality so that time after time he’ll learn to change his evil ways to good.

After watching a lot of The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow lately, maybe he’s an individual who is doomed to be reincarnated time and time again, never truly dying as a result, kind of like Hawkman and Hawkgirl from the DC Universe that I’ve seen featured in those shows. :wink:

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What do you guys think

Not LITERAL translation but hints for tusk alternate costumes?


For some reason I hope he’s not a Viking.

beard or no beard???

what say you ki fans?

My question is: what if he is related to the Babylonian king some how?

I say aye to the beard, as we don’t have 1 yet! Power be to tha beard!!!

Besides, it’s awesome on Ryu in SF5; no reason it can’t look just as awesome, if not moreso, on Tusk. :slight_smile:

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Mmmmm I say kill the beard…or at the very least have it like the last picture in the post above me

I’m surprised nobody has suggested the Captain America Capcicle approach to the whole ancient warrior backstory for Tusk, especially if they treated him like an intelligent fish out of water that knew things had changed & he needed to learn how to get with the program. It seems like a viable excuse to me when compared to the rest of the cast. I mean if you can make a viable excuse for an autonomous skeleton or a winged demon made of gas/shadows/hate energy(???), logical excuses go right out the window.

Another approach I don’t think anybody has mentioned, but if they go with a “because portals” approach to adding in characters, you can use something similar to the original He-man movie or Beastmaster 2 where they can say Tusk came from another dimension or universe…heck, doing that they could literally just use KI2’s Tusk, ripped straight out of the original story where Ultratech flung everybody into the past…& now he has to fight off another Gargos in KI3’s dimension. Lame, perhaps, but it would also calm down those that want to believe the original games still exist canonically.

  • edit: beards as an accessory!!
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Yeah the old Tusk had a very young face. If there’s a beard it should be an accessory.

LMFAO the internet boy I tell you

Thats where Im thinking they would go with it since Gargos was in another plane how did he get there and how long has he been there he couldve taken Tusk with him through the portal because he has some magical powers that he doesnt know about and Gargos is trying to use him

I just thought if he looks somewhat like Alex (body wise ) that’d be cool

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That’s what I was thinking!

It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who thinks Tusk can still “time travel” by coming through the portal! It isn’t really much different than the periods of time that Aganos was dormant, if you think about it. Obviously Tusk’s retro costume will be super barbarian-like but I’m hoping his main costume is still that way. Maybe we will start his Story mode in the retro costume, though, and change to some kind of cyber-armored warrior with a bladed weapon once he reaches a point in the story where he’s becoming accustomed to his surroundings?