Tusk as an immortal!

Adam said about Tusk being a “survivalist”, I’d like my idea for Tusk to be an immortal like the Highlander series.

What do you all think?

There can be only one!


I didn’t t hink about him having a He-Man outfit - that would be awesome! :smiley:


Also ever heard of “Vandal Savage”?

Perhaps Tusk could start off being a caveman and later a barbarian, to Scotland, a viking until the later centuries in our time.


I know I’ve posted about this idea at least once. I really like it.
I mean, it might just be the best way to explain a 7 foot tall barbarian swordsman fighting a robot outside of time travel I’ve ever seen.
Semi-related note: Since KI2 took place in the past, and one of Tusk’s Ultimates involved feeding the opponent to a dinosaur/serpent/thing, doesn’t it feel odd that, of all the KI1 characters to be cut from KI2, Riptor would be one of them? If anything, she’s a better fit for a “time travel” plot than most of the characters :stuck_out_tongue:

They were not supposed to be cut from the game…they ran out of time and had no choice. So they chose the 3 that were least used by the players in arcades. Spinal was on the chopping block too, but one of the Devs took it upon himself to completely redesign spinal and it worked…they kept him in the game.

I know there were reasons for it, but it still seems kinda silly looking at it. Though it did help to the Riptor hype train for S2, which is good :stuck_out_tongue:

Man Im so Hyped for Tusk …I cant wait! I been playing KI 2 a lot and listening to the Tusk theme on my Iphone… He is going to be sick!!!


Would you all picture him as KI’s Alex?

No, he is KI’s Tusk…the one and only! Alex is nothing compared to Tusk…hell he didnt even make it to the main roster in the last 2 SF games LOL.

Gimme that barefoot He Man !!!

Horrible to see that 2002 He-Man theme. Here is the proper one kids. Still freaking cool :slightly_smiling:

I never really played Tusk or KI gold but I wouldn’t mind if they explain his existence by making him a immortal. Loved Highlander as a child.

And I would really be happy if they did a He-man outfit/skin for Tusk and maybe also a Skeletor skin for Spinal.


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But I thought THIS was the He-Man theme



Since 3rd Strike with Ryu vs Alex, why not in KI Jago vs Tusk?

Whatever they do with him I don’t think he’ll be an ancient barbarian of any sort, they’ll have that for his retro outfit.

Well if he’s not what you’re hoping, it’s probably too late for that to change. :worried:
I can picture He-Man as the special retro outfit, and Highlander as the special modern outfit. But that may well be wrong.

Tusk being immortal can be cool. I remember discussing this in the old forums. My contribution was to put a mythological spin on Tusk, linking him to the hero Cú Chulainn by either making him Cú Chulainn himself, or a reincarnation or descendant. It could give him a second weapon in a spear, give him ríastrad(battle frenzy), as well as give him some kind of Hero-Light. Look up Cú Chulainn, it’s an interesting read.

Both Jago and Maya are from modern times, they just use more traditional forms of combat and attire. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that tusk could do the same. However, my guess is that he will have a more Bryan Fury-esque look to him. Swap the bullets for weapons or tools, and give him a big arse sword.

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If jago has those voltron gloves tusk better have he man!!!

kim wu could have barbie or wonderw oman or kill bill gogo yubari

Gem and the Holograms, lol

They should make Tusk a woman, her name will be Hanna Barbarian and she’ll dress like a Flinstones character.

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