Tuesday goodies: Owl guardian

New pack costs about 3,500 if I recall correctly, Owl lets you do a “feral dash” that dashes through enemies like Shago & Thunder can.





Bought 5 packs and nothing above a rare. Has anyone got a killer owl yet?

SADIRAAAAAAAA come baby!!!:heart_eyes: i like shadow lord so much , the only place i can feel the s2 sadira power. daaam thank you @developers

I just did on my second.

I’d happily trade it for a Killer Fractured Ward if I could, though.

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That is great that you got a killer owl. No way would I give up my killer Fractard Ward. :slight_smile: I know it is not even possible to trade. That is my favorite guardian card. Nothing comes close to being as good as that one. The only way the FW could be better is if it recharged during the match.

Keep trying. I got my Killer FW in the watcher pack when it was out.

Man, I feel like I have a ton of killer tier cards. Multiple exemplars, bats, rams and snakes as well as a tiger, but still not killer fractured ward. Really hoping for that one!

Anyways, glad to see another guardian out there in the wild! I thought I saw something that said he has Sabrewulf’s dash through with Spinal’s dash cancel. Either way, I’ll be curious how useful this is. I’m assuming that Wulf and Shago will have next to no use for this card?

Imagine if all character’s had Thunder’s Instinct. You’ll be able to cancel any attack or special into the dash. Or you can just do the dash raw, if you’d like. It makes stuff that normally isn’t’ safe, safe.

You can do some pretty stylish stuff with it too. It’s definitely a “fun mode” Guardian more than anything.

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Okay that sounds REALLY fun. Definitely going have to give this a try today.

Thanks for the info, man!

Yeah, I have a bunch of currency saved up, and I’m going to try the FW pack again until I get one once it’s up again. Easily the best one to me. The Killer pack is too expense to gamble in hopes of that one. Hurry up and leave, owl.

Any idea what the stats are on the Killer one?

The killer owl? Or the killer FW?

The FW.

The question is. Can Jago dash between his double Endokukens whilst in Instinct?

Just bought a pack this morning before work, got a rare owl and a Killer Perfect Fractured Ward. Very happy with this :slight_smile:


I think I got the same thing. I actually like the killer perfect fracture ward better.

Fractured Ward “Killer”


Starts with 5 stacks
1 stack every 6 sec
Armor absorbs 80% damage from attacks
Max 5 stacks of armor

Secondary abilities
+70% DMG. +70% DEF

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