Troubleshooting for Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition

Thanks for reporting this! What platform is this happening on?

I have the same issue
After the update the game always crashes.
Steam on win 8.1
Can u help me?

Hi. I am a player on Steam. The game has been working fine but now it just doesn’t launch. It will show a tiiinnnnnyyyy black window as the app executes and then disappear.

Thanks for reporting in and sorry to hear about the crashes. Are there any specific moments you are seeing that’s triggering the crash? Any information helps. We’ll do our best to look into it further.

Thanks for reporting. Did anything noticeable change with your computer that you think could have triggered the issue? What version of Windows are you running on?

No. I closed the game and it couldn’t launch again. I am a Windows 10 user. I verified the files and reinstalled. It’s very bizarre but this game I played for years is just useless suddenly.

Odd. Would you mind taking a video or screenshot?

Sure. One moment.

Here it is.

Is this issue fixable or identifiable?

In press play, black screen, game dont start.
Before the update was working good.
I know that if i update to win 11 this will be solved.
But i dont want tu update win.
Steam with Windows 8.1
Hope u can fix

We’ve passed on this video to our team. We apologize for not having a solution at this very moment but are looking into it.

We’ve passed the info to our team for investigation.

We’ll be reaching out through direct message for further troubleshooting.

We believe we have found the solution to fix this issue for Steam Win8 users, which should be available in our next update. Update date is still to be determined, but please stay tuned to Killer Instinct socials and the Ultra Combo News page for updates. Once the update is released, please let us know if it fixes your issue.

Ok great! Thank you very much!