Troubleshooting for Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition

Old xbox one 2013. with xbox series controller, it also happen with the old controller. The first time noticed it was with the series controller, im sure that i didnt spammed the lk+lp (i pressed lk+lp one time) and my hands are not that fast LOL. The game also crashes so bad since the update, at some point i cant even open the game but i can open any other game.

Sorry for my unga unga english haha o.o
PD: can we get a chance to buy the colors 10/11 (shadow jago to be specific haha) pls?

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Maybe the crashing happens for us Xbox One players because it can’t handle the 4K sparkle and light effects?

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maybe but is weird bc i play on my low-end laptop with no graphics, and doesnt crash like that i think it crashed 1-2 times.

The game was developed specifically for Xbox One, it doesn’t run at 4K there and it has always been very smooth and stable. After the update, I didn’t encounter many issues myself, only one crash while playing online on my Series X, but I’m hearing a lot of players having problems with crashes and weird inputs.

Hi. 1st post.

This is the first time Killer Instinct has given me any trouble. Flawless until now.

Xbox One (1st / big one) updated on Dec/7, though problem happened also before that.
I have installed 73 add-ons. 43.2GB.
There are two others which are not: A duplicate of TJ Combo (not sure why) and KI Supreme Edition, which says “doesn’t need to be installed”.

The game will have a higher chance to crash in these scenarios:
• On Cinder intro
• when Kan-ra performs a certain special move (sorry I don’t know which was going to be).
• when Spinal does one of his shield special.
• This seem very important: KI AE will crash on the Microsoft intro video when starting it right after it had crashed. Why I believe this is important? Because, unbelievably, it affects the very next game I start. Games that never have given me any trouble right this point. Too much of a coincidence: Some games will start with no visuals (Mechanicus) or act up (R6 Extraction). When? Well, only when starting them right after KI AE has crashed. Maybe KI isn’t completely flushed/closed and/or it takes way longer than it should.

Thanks for your patience. Hope you can fix this.

1st Edit: Fail at bold text :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for posting with detailed information!

We do believe we have these crashes (and other fixes) resolved and are testing them.
Here is our official X post, but wanted you to know we appreciate reaching out here & providing info (to everyone here!)


After buying KI season 1,2,3, DE, Shago, and everything else under sun for KI on Xbox from day 1 (don’t judge me, it’s my favorite fighting game franchise since it’s arcade release), I participated in the beta for Steam, and as a thank you, we (everyone that participated in the beta) received a free copy of KI on steam.

I’m booting it now on my steamdeck and I don’t have the free KI anniversary update. I only have the rotating character.

I just looked up the NDA that I signed when we entered the beta.

“What comes in this “bundle”?
· Killer Instinct on Steam is basically the KI:DE, without the added bonus of BTS interviews, soundtracks, or KI Classic 1 & 2”

Tried singing-out and signing back in, didn’t work, keeps asking to buy the anniversary edition for 40$ (CAD).

TLDR: Participated in the steam beta, not unlocking KI:AE.

Thank you,


KI is all jacked up. Horrible.

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Sending you a DM!

Here to help. Can you give more info, platform, what issues (install, inputs, etc.) that might be called out in this thread, or a new one.

I lost all the characters after the update. I have the Steam version. It was not the free edition, although I had the FULL game as a gift from Steam after a Summer Sale or something like that and my version had all the characters. I logged out from Steam and logged back again and it didn’t work. I uninstalled the game, didn’t work. The only character showing is Jago. Any thoughts or solutions?


Will send you a direct message to work this out.

thank you. The game is working. but there is a problem: I can’t invite my friends to the fight. when you press the space bar (invite), the Xbox window with friends simply does not open. Throws it on the desktop. Similarly, it is not possible to invite friends to the lobby mode.
The same function works in the steam version of the game - there are no problems when playing with friends.

Everyday this game is getting worse, i cant play ranked games bc it crashes every 1-3 matches, after crashing i cant open the game and i have to reset my xbox to open it again.



Same issue for me. Randomly gave me 7 stars out of nowhere. I didnt earn them and dont want them. Also the input errors are absolutely awful. Ive been playing this game since the Nintendo version came out. Not great but decent. Ive dropped so many enders, openers, linkers, manuals it is ridiculous.

Completly jacked up!!! What a mess.

I think I noticed some dropped inputs too, but I’ve always blamed it on me not being very good at the game… I can’t say for sure, maybe the input buffer has been changed somewhat? I especially tend to drop finishers. I still see better players whooping my *** with no issues though, so again, maybe I’m just bad.

We have a fix coming very soon, and it will adjust everyone’s stars to reflect the correct top32’s going back to the beginning. Really appreciate your approach on earning/don’t want them!

Input issues also fixed with the patch coming soon (tbd for end of this week).

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I am using a Series X and my game crashes periodically on Shadow Lords and if I try to use Omen in training mode. For instance, if I end a match in Shadow Lords the game will crash and I will have a dead character when I come back to it.

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the patch releasing soon (eta pending) should address this. Sorry this has been happening!