Troubleshooting for Killer Instinct Anniversary Edition - Patches 3.11.15, 3.11.16 & 3.11.18

Hello, Killers.

**The 3.11.15 update is live today at 10 AM PDT/1 PM EST.

  • Added Ranked Cross-Play for all platforms (Xbox, WinPC and Steam!)
  • A few additional tuning/balance adjustments
  • Updated tuning & rewards for Shadow Lords
  • Addition of Hot-Mic Mute in Steam
  • Updated Player Blocking features
  • Screen Shake menu option
  • All Ultimate Source Figure colors now unlocked on all platforms
  • New progression unlocks for Player & Character levels! 2 stage unlocks and 87 Anniversary Color remixes!

Read the patch notes for the full details!

Link to the Patch Notes: Patch Notes 3.11.15 - Killer Instinct (

Please use this thread for troubleshooting support for this patch. Look to share which platform you’re on, (i.e. Xbox Series S|X, Windows PC, Steam, Steam Deck), and attach any relevant screenshots or info that you think might be helpful.

Thank you. Our support team will respond through @UltraSupport.


Now I can’t even start performance test bcause of this prompt. I have content installed, checked multiple times in MS Store and in game menus. Platform is Win10

EDIT: Good news! I checked out Steam version for comparison, and not only was I able to do performance test, I passed it! Thank you for fixing performance issues from previous patch.

EDIT2: Well, spoke too soon. Performance is fine, but now I dont have my content on Steam.

Since this update, when I open KI the launcher pops up and syncs/logs in, then I get a windowed white screen for a few seconds, then a windowed black screen, then it just disappears. No error message appears.

I’m on Windows, installed and launched through the XBOX app. This game was working fine a few days ago, prior to the most recent patch.

Thank you for reaching out! Sorry to hear about the issues you have encountered! We’ll reach out to you in a direct message and see if we can help resolve this with you!

Hello and thank you for posting! Sorry to hear about the issue you encountered. We’ll reach out in a direct message to see if we can help address this!

Just giving an update on my issue with not being able to start performance test on Win10: I just installed some windows updates, rebooted computer, and performance test worked and passed, so that one case could be considered closed.

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Thanks for confirming & thanks for being a Steam Beta Player too!
Both issues resolved!

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Before the update, my performance test scored 1002 with all graphic settings at max. Now it is only scoring at 759. My computer is new as of last year and my graphics card is an nVidia RTX 3060. I updated Windows and my drivers.

What happened?

Good Evening,

Quick question - Did lifetime double XP go away in this patch from when it came with the season? I no longer get the icons on the character selection screen.


I am having the same issue as someone else in this thread; the game immediately crashes on launch before either logo video for Microsoft or Iron Galaxy play. It launches in windowed mode and the auto HDR message in Windows pops up, then it crashes to desktop with no error message displayed. The game worked fine about a month ago when I last played.

Running Windows 11, using the Windows Store version. I am having no issues with any other software on my system. I have tried various fixes for a similar issue available online, from disabling security software such as antivirus/firewall/VPN before launching the game, a full reinstall of the software and deleting configuration files, none of which offered a solution. An old workaround for a similar issue stated that launching in windowed mode could cause this problem and recommended editing a string in the registry using regedit to force the game into fullscreen mode, but the guide appears outdated as I can not find the particular string in my system’s registry.

Good observation- did not include in the patch notes we got rid of all the characters having XP^^ icons all the time- that was blocking the awesome art! So it is just there, when you complete a match you will see the x2.0 right after the initial xp calculation.

During a bonus even you will see the XP^^ icons on all modes as you select them (shadow lords does not but it works). During the XP Bonus weekend it will be 3.0 for VIP/lifetime (aka KI Anniv. Ed. owners/anyone upgraded) or 2.0 if you are playing the Free to Play Base KI (aka the unlimited demo!)

Will add this to our FAQ section!

Confirmed! Thanks!

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I am not sure if my suggestion would be sufficient as I own a really old computer, but try two things:

  1. Try disabling the new anti aliasing options. They ruined my performance in previous update because they always turned on even when I turned them off.

  2. Make sure bloom is ON. For some weird reason I get worse performance results with bloom disabled.

Those suggestions are kinda blind shots but thats all I have.

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Hello im Geologistok1328 from the ki subreddit i got a mssage from James Goddard and try to follow what you recommend me to do here ! so here is my issue…

Hello , im here to show you my recent issue with killer instinct on my pc , as you may know the new update just droped but i have some issue.

First i play witht the free to play ki version , i dont have the gamepass either , and if i click on the anniversary it ask me to buy it , so here were on the free to play version and i have all characters unlocked but when i go in the store first no cursor to tell me i have anything new once im on the characters list but thats normal i think , but now lets see the skins , here we can see the new anniversary colors but nothing on about the exclusive figure colors.

The only one i have unlocked is for sabrewulf but this is because i own his figure and used his code back then , i have try reinstall the game twice , updates etc and it dosent show’s up , i would like want to update to the anniversary one but i cant since i cant buy anything on the free to play ki since it has everything unlocked and even if my sabrewulf exclusive colors counted as it dosent make me do it , so here is my issue i have no idea how to solve this and i did reinstall the game twice , if you have any idea its welcome ! and if you speak french too otherwise ill stick with what i got.

here is the link to my reddit post with the video i recorded to show my issue.

sending you a direct message now

Still have problem ultratech server cannot sync
Hope can be solved
Thank you

Hi, can you provide what platform (xbox version) this is happening on?
Forgive the obvious question here as there is more info needed- if you keep ‘retrying’ to sync does this continue to happen & how long does it sync for before this message appears again?

Note that sometimes users reboot the game and the Xbox (or PC) and then this is resolved. Please try that as well and let us know so we can follow up with more options if that does not work.

That did it. Disabled anti-aliasing and my performance is now 1003/1000.

Didn’t stop me from getting my ■■■ kicked by everyone tonight, but at least I can play again.


I’m trying to play online, but i keep getting this error. I’m playing on the Steam version on Windows 10 and i had this same error when i initially downloaded KI when the anniversary update dropped (version 3.11.08), but for what i’ve seen, this bug may be older than that, with no fix present anywhere online. I’ve already made a post in the Steam section of the forum and other places online, but it seems to me that here is where i should ask about this bug.