Was anyone else getting triple XP yesterday?
I pre-ordered S3 Ultra so was getting double last week, as expected, then found myself getting triple yesterday.

I did not buy an XP booster, and unfortunately today I’m back down to double. I wish I’d taken greater advantage!

I wasnt getting triple xp yesterday… at least you got it while you did though … I cant lie though I do love that they included double xp with the Ultra Edition of season 3

Have you made any other purchases? Or just the one?

I was getting triple xp too. Not tested it today yet. I made no purchases other than pre order S3.

Interesting, I can’t say if I was getting 3xp but I was certainly getting a lot per match. Maybe like 6,000xp or so.

Yeah mine was x3 yesterday aswell. Back to double now

Just the one, pre-ordered last week.
I’ve never bought an XP booster, heck I’ve never even bought any KI Gold (other than this pre-order bonus), let alone spent any.

Good. We need more Triple XP.

Quadruple XP would be good too. :kissing_heart:

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Had I bought a booster, I would have been getting quadruple. But I wanted to find the source of the mysterious +100% before committing to something that may or may not have had a further effect. Just as well.


Everything is normal. Nothing to see here! :wink:

But yeah, I had triple XP yesterday and a booster. That was awesome. I got over 10K a few times and even over 11K once. I never thought for a second that it wasn’t supposed to be that way. I just thought that they were doing double XP on day one plus ultra owner XP plus booster.

Anyone know how long the XP bonuses will last? Also, I bought an XP Booster. Does that stack?

I thought it was lifetime double XP from some of the things I read, but now thats just me im not saying that came from IG or anything like that…

If you bought the Season 3 Ultra Edition or the Supreme Edition then you have double XP forever.

XP boosts obtained from different sources stack.

The VIP booster adds +100%
A purchased booster adds +100%
And a special weekend adds +100%

But purchased boosts do not stack on top of eachother. If you buy another booster while you have a purchased booster active it will simply extend the duration.

So, as an S3 Ultra owner you’ll currently be on x2. If you buy a booster or there’s a double xp weekend you’ll be on x3 (since it’s actually +100%). If you buy a booster AND it’s a double XP weekend you’ll be on x4!


I was getting 3x XP yesterday too, now its back down to double.

I <3 u : )