Tribute to a small team

We are a small team, but that aside KI became so much better experience with them!. Kensei (TJ Frozen) was a teammate from Gears of Wars 3 while Kinetic was a hard rival in an offline local tourney. Though Kensei is very young compared to us he loves old school gaming as well. We all share the love for gaming and of course love for KI.
This is a gift to them . Love you guys! :blush:


Ok, but what’s the dog name?

I came here for the dog!

Joking aside, I was honored to fight both Kensei and Maru, fearsome team amigos!


That’s awesome! Also cool that their characters are under the names.

…I’m also curious about the dog. :slight_smile:

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That’s my boyfriend’s dog, his name is Nero (DMC4). He is huge! But he acts like a puppy. When I want to bother Kinetic in a playful way the dog comes because he wants to play . The thing is,I like cats but dogs follow me
:sweat: :sweat_smile:

Normal and Instinct mode activated


Aw, this is adorable, Maru! Love the artwork and the dog is just super cute. :blush:
I’ve still never been able to catch you online once after all this time. :joy:

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Thanks! And it’s true, my time schedule is a mess lately :(:sweat:
I’m not playing much, but kinda got a bit into SFV and maybe back to Gears of Wars just to play with a friend who won’t let that game, ever xD
But let me know when you usually play, maybe we can arrange something :slight_smile: