Training Stage Select

I apologize if this is a thing and I’m just too dumb to figure it out. If this is the case, please direct me.

The training room as a stage select option would be incredible. I can’t be alone in this, but I’ve got sorta bad eyes and can’t see crap on a lot of the darker/busier stages. This is not unique to KI stages, but it seems relatively rare that a fighting game does not allow matches on its most basic of stages. So, allowing real matches to be played on the training - thoughts?

iirc the devs said that they spent too much money creating stages just for people to use the super basic training stage


Fair enough, I guess… I can see where they’re coming from, especially considering all the crying posts for more stages.

I mean, that doesn’t really amount to an acceptable response from a developer, but it’s understandable in a “dealing with ungrateful children” sense.

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We tried getting this months ago during the only 3 stages debacle…no positive responses from most of the community and the Devs dont seem to keen on it either due to SF4 and its constant use of the training stage.

But I believe in choices and if you can use it in one mode it should be available in all modes. Even the Classic KI back grounds for the training stage.

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I’m glad we don’t have training stage selectable outside of training. It really kills interest to watch top tournament games played on a bland gray stage for so many Fighting Games, I’m glad KI avoided that.

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We have a very hard stance on the training stage existing only for training. It won’t be selectable outside that mode.


I can’t help but agree. I don’t know how many EVO matches I’ve watched of SF4 and MvC3 where those games respective training stages were the spot of choice for many players. The sheer lack of variety and imagination to these stage choices for something so simple as what appears to be a near negligible advantage is just boring to watch as frequently as it occurred. I even remember reading that in almost any game Daigo Umehara refuses to play matches on almost any stage other than a training stage in any of the games he plays, if it is available.

I can understand why you might want to, but honestly why make stages at all if in the big events they just go under-utilized and play backseat to something so boring. It’s just anti-climatic and hype draining.

There are other reasons behind the decision as well, but the hard work that goes into the arenas shouldn’t just be underplayed like that.

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If it is a matter of spectator value, aesthetics, hype, whathaveyou, the decision makes sense and is likely more beneficial than nae. I can’t help but agree that while I do prefer to play on the blandest stages possible, I tire of them when watching tourneys pretty quickly.

I am a proponent of training stage grand finals wherever possible, but that’s a total sidebar and irrelevant here.

@TempusChaoti Layin’ down the law! Your manner of address caught me flat-footed, but I appreciate just telling it like it is, no bull. I can respect that.

Absolutely no hostility behind that, just that we’re all really tired of finals of any fighting game happening on the training stage. KI will do its part to stop that trend. =)


Why not just ban the stage at tournaments? I think that’s a simple fix.

If the stage is for training leave it for training dere, come on people

Totally fair for us to not get the stage.

But what about all the classic music that’s unlockable for it? Would be amazing if those were in the music selection :smiley:

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They wouldn’t fit well. The newer tracks aren’t exactly one track but rather a series of tracks the game pulls from depending on what’s happening on screen (intros, light activity, high combo, inactive, etc). The classic tracks were not set up to be used like that. I would like to see them add KI2’s music and backgrounds to training mode though.

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No thank you because then that is what people would pick 99% of the time lol