Tournament won by DDOS Attacks

In yesterday’s prized tournament, the winnner with the gamer tag killertrey or killertray(i don’t remember lol) fought me right before the semi-finals, and by fought, I mean DDOS attacked me. I was feeling salty so I did some investigation; everyone he fought had the same issue. He even had tge nerve to tell me his game crashed when we fought, as if it happened with everyone he fought. If rukari or KI dev team see this, he Did NOT win legit.

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Without knowing all the details. In all fairness Xbox live was having issues yesterday and also today by the looks of it. I had more issues playing KI than any other title. I had to constantly refresh the checking DLC screen. I could not access Shadow Lords and finally I had issues playing online with my mate. It kicked us out several times before we could finally play.

That doesn’t mean we couldn’t have our fight, I fought with everyone else perfectly fine, me and the finalist who wrongly lost even had a best of 3 to simulate what it should have ended like, I should also mention that the guy who won was level 5.

maybe different regions are affected differently when it comes to server issues.
I’m West cost and didn’t noticeably have issues besides DLC check screen.
if memory serves correct, killertrey played jago? he’s ok I guess. lol. I dunno maybe he beat u fair n square :wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you don’t know what a DDOS attack is, then please don’t invoke it to explain getting dropped from a tournament lobby. No one developed a bot network to take down the Live servers in order to win a KI tournament. There’s no way a DDOS attack can be used to determine the winner. What you’re suggesting is that somehow your opponent managed to hack Xbox Live and boot you out of the game in order to win, what, an Ultimate Source figure? Of the many possible scenarios this is probably the least likely.

The arena tournaments have been having lots of problems with people getting booted or not being able to enter the lobby. I have participated in three and placed second third or fourth in all of them. In each case I always won my first two matches when the opponent just didn’t make it to the lobby. I’ve won more matches by forfeit than by actually defeating an opponent. And I’m sure as hell not hacking Xbox. This is why the system is still under preview. So take a pill, relax and hope that they get the mechanics ironed out. Don’t immediately run to the forums with a damaging and criminal accusation against someone because you are angry that Xbox arena doesn’t work better.


It doesn’t necessarily have to he what you think it is, there are cases where they send garbage files through single IP addresses which can only be stopped by use of VPN(which is why gamers tend to get these). I also know about how these lobbies work, I won one of the prize tournaments myself as well as alot of the practice tournaments; when there is a conflict between IP addresses in which they can’t connect, it’s no big deal, but when it happens Multiple times nonstop despite having zero lag beforehand WITH different people, it is not legit.

Oh I should also mention it happened right as he began losing, it was in the middle of the fight, not lobby timeout.

But I suppose I should calm down lol, it’s pure salt. I suppose it COULD have been coincidence that happened multiple times despite no lag, but who knows…

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Sounds more like lag switching which I know lots of Killer players sadly use.

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@BigBadAndy I was also in this tournament and this was different sir. Usually if it is arena an arena problem you can’t get into the lobby but I spoke to multiple people as well who all said that this person would join the lobby (Meaning Arena was working just fine) and he would wait a minute or two before leaving and a few moments later they would disconnect from Xbox Live all together. If that sounds like an exclusively arena problem then Microsoft has some real work to do.

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Again, the supposition is that this guy joined the lobby, used that to ID his opponent and then hacked his way to disconnecting the opponent and getting the win? Sounds like salt to me.

In any case probably what they will do is just stop offering prizes.

No all MS simply has to do is ban him and someone getting salty when we don’t even play doesn’t sound right. Everyone who I asked said he never readied up so we never got the chance to fight this guy. I just want to see this guy get banned because what he did was scummy and illegal

You don’t know that he did anything. From where I’m sitting it just looks like you are blaming the guy who won the tournament for games dropping.

You seriously think that this guy, through magic, is able to enter a lobby, break it, disconnect his opponent but stay in the lobby so he wins the forfeit? If that’s true, he’s a genius and he should be robbing banks not scamming for a KI statuette.

You can’t tell me that anyone who enters a lobby with this ONE person disconnectiong from XBL after he joins isn’t suspect at all. It is also weird that this guy wins a tournament without playing a single match. Just common sense imo but whatever

It’s not “common sense” to jump to the conclusion that he is a hacker when a bad internet connection that can’t be resolved by KI’s peer to peer connection is a satisfactory explanation for the phenomenon and also many times more likely. And you guys are on here demanding a ban. He’s not here to defend himself and you have nothing but very flimsy circumstantial evidence.

MS should definitely look into it. But you should be careful in how you describe things and what you interpret them to mean.

Never in my 2 years of KI have I ever disconnected from Xbox Live from simply sitting in a lobby. Okay if I disconnected from the lobby fine, that happens all the time. But everyone that THIS ONE PLAYER fought disconnecting from Xbox Live in the exact same fashion does not make sense. If it were a poor peer to peer connection we would have all lagged out of the lobby, not our xboxs disconnecting from our routers all together. Poor peer to peer connections causes you to lag out of games not XBL.

See the above post on Xbox Live’s issues. I was playing Last week and kept getting the notification that I was not connected to Xbox Live even though I was actively chatting in a party.

It’s fine. You have an idea about what’s going on and there’s nothing anyone will ever say to you that will make you think anything different. You don’t have any actual mechanism for him to be able to accomplish this so you just black box it with a name (DDOS!) and say it must be so because you refuse to consider anything else.

I believe so because in my eyes there is evidence that points to it. If I believed that it were simple xbox issues then I could admit that but that doesn’t look like what happened. And what do you mean by mechanism?

I doubt it was a DDOS attack, sounds more like a lag switch or a router script. Yeah it sucks, hence why few people take online serious anymore. I’ve ran into people that make it too obvious, lagging every time you catch them in a combo or a frame trap, I ran into one yesterday that even laughed about it, gamertag was RM Adrian.]. Theres no way to prove it, since the rollback usually messes up the replay as well and theres plausible deniability due to uncontrollable circumstances.

You just know it because you notice all the specific key moments they lag in and how those key moments turn the tide for them, and at times your inputs wont even register. Sadly KI online has turned into a disaster filed with cheaters, lag tactics, and lag tiers. Some characters cannot compete online anymore due to lag, said characters are usually the ones that can’t to damage or make many mistakes. Then you have characters like sabrewulf that can just mop due to being nearly unblockable or unreactable online.

Online is simply not fun anymore, too unstable, and a test of patience with all the online bs people get away with.


I mean any proposed method that actually accomplishes this task. Besides “magic” how is this guy able to kick you off of Xbox Live just by being in a lobby with you?