Tournament mode for ki

Rank does not favor the casual player at all! As it is now, I would never support demotions. If demotions happened, then there would only be 2 tiers, Bronze and Killer. It would be almost impossible for the average player to move up, because they are always being matched with players way above their skill level like we are. I can go from qualify straight to gold, but then I am stuck at the bottom of gold, due to the fact that all I fight is star killer ranked.

The orginal rank system was no better though, I remember being lv3 and fighting lv35 and above.

@F3Sleep, it sucks that you are not having the fun in ranked like you feel you should have, but neither are alot of us casual players. You at least have an advantage. You could choose to play with other characters to see how well you do. You could even do nothing but hit random for each match to have fun. There is also the option that I use which is play another game for a while. :slight_smile:

I gotta stick to the same 5 characters. Riptor is by far my best and my lead. So if she falls I might es well just quit.

Thank u hopefully I’ll like him he has great zoning patient

I don’t know how I feel about this…

I mean… I’m trying my hardest to get back to killer… haven’t made it yet but I am trying.

I don’t know how I would feel if there is a new rank system.

It depends.

I did not like the old system…I always got knocked back down to ZERO just a s fast as I moved up a few levels.
The new system works fine for 95% of players…yes there are a few GREATS that never loose , ect… but the system cant be designed around that small percentage of great players…it just cant.

Thats were private lobbies come in. Make your own private tournament.

It should be the other way around though. Ranked is supposed to be competitive, and should cater to the competitive playerbase while more casual players have exhibition and lobbies. Instead KIs rank system is super casual friendly forcing competitive players to search elsewhere for better players.



It already is…but not every player in the world is on the level of the top 5. We are talking 2,000 players vs 5-10 players.
Maybe there could be a way for only top 32 stars to face one another? A filter?

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That doesn’t help much. Stars aren’t a great measure of skill.


Its a better measure than someones opinion on how well a player plays.
I mean you have to be pretty good at the game to get that many wins in a row to keep up your points without loosing them all.

Even if you play 24/7 for 30 days straight you still have to win 2x more than you loose.

YES! They are so much fun.

Rank does cater to the competitive. You have tiers and stars and are ranked by skill in each teir. Rank mode is for All competitive players, not just pro players. I was really trying to not let this thread get to me, but I give up.

I can’t believe I am seeing a thread about people complaining they are always winning. Are the trophies to heavy also? Some of you guys chose to play in pratice mode for 1,000s of hours. You guys made the choice to play competitively. Just because some players have a high win ratio, doesn’t give them a free pass to dump on other players in rank, or take cheap shots at the causal players.

There is a tournament mode on Xbox. The only game that works on it right now is KI.

Not really. A 50%+ win ratio is more than enough for a star. Heck, it’s technically possible to get a star with a negative win ratio if you lose/win against the right people. (Albeit very unlikely). So many times i get matched against someone in the top 10 repeatedly only to lose four time and win once but that one win grants me hundreds more points than i lost. Point being stars are really not a good measure of skill because of how easy/time based they are.

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I’m not taking cheap shots at casual players. A more competitive ranking system would benefit everyone and serve to better place everyone instead of having everyone eventually reach killer because of the leniency in the system. So many times you see people complaining about getting matched with killers because of how under populated the lower ranks are. If ranking down were implemented then the lower ranks would have more players and the killer tier would actually contain killers, everyone wins.

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It is not EASY to get a star. Saying that its easy is taking a cheap shot at people that are great players and haven’t obtained a star yet.

Do you have a star @SithLordEDP? And if you do not, do not say you could but you dont have the time.

They aren’t going to change how ranked works for less than 20 ppl saying its too easy. If you want to play challenging players then set up a lobby and invites those players. I mean whats the difference? The only difference is that if you got your way and have all the scrubs omitted from ranked you would just be randomly playing the ppl that you could just invite to your lobby.
Separating this small group of players on Sleeps level would also not be enough players to even find a match…so it wouldn’t work well enough to even implement.

Im working on getting a star now, and I prob wont make it this month, but damnit its not Fn easy.

I know that you were not doing the cheap shots at the casual base, and thank you for that, but others were. I don’t see how demotion is going to help at all. If you have a killer ranked player losing to other killers, then if that killer gets moved down, that just puts a killer ranked player in the lower bracket. Sure that helps you guys at the top, but doesn’t fix the lower tier issue at all. My issue is that if we have half the player base that MS claims we, then none of us should have a problem.

Also, can we please set criteria? Like, the game always searches based on your criteria. Can we set that? i.e. have these options:

  • Region
  • Platform
  • Connection strength
  • Tier

But I could… I just don’t have time. I average a 70-80% win ratio and have finished in the top 40 several times because I stop playing half way through the month either due to being busy or just straight up getting bored because one can only handle so much KI.

Yes there’d be demotions and it would take a while for all the tiers to balance out but eventually people would only demote until they reached a place where they can maintain a stable win loss ratio, aka a tier level where they’re mostly facing equally skilled opponents. And I don’t mean a demotion system where one bad losing streak will drop you three tiers or anything, I’m talking a more balanced demotion process where it gives the player plenty of opportunity to salvage their rank.

That sucks. I feel bad for you. Knowing that you have the skill to get a star, but can’t because you don’t want to spend 4-8hours a day playing. I get it. It is like you are punished because you don’t want to live on KI . Here :dizzy: a star for you. It was the best I could find.

I have done over 2000 ranked matches, and put of all of them, I would say that maybe 50 we’re good. Matches that were so close and great that mother one of us knew who the winner would be. Those are the ranked matches I want. Not the I destroyed him or the other way.

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Can I add lag-switchers and Teleporting Rash’s to that list of not-wants?