Tournament mode for ki

A rank mode for hardcore gamers like myself. I find rank boring, i wish ig/ms would build one for the competitors.


I think being more specific about what you’d like would help. I’m not sure what you’re asking for here.

I think Sleep is saying he wants a separate mode like Ranked, that’s for more Hardcore players like himself. Sleep really can’t go on Ranked and play, because he just would destroy about 95% of people on Ranked, which kinda isn’t fun. You want to have those hype and close matches. Not complete shutouts all day. So, having another mode that would have people of great skill only playing in that mode.

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I’m more asking what the mode would entail.

If you try to restrict the players/skill, how would that be decided?

What are the rules? Is it like normal ranked? A tourney mode like Smash?

It just seems really vague.

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I’m no dev, and no pro player, but how would anything higher than killer rank be able to be implemented? Not that I don’t sympathize, but even if you made a mode that was limited to pro star players only, the player base would be so small it’d be hard to connect with anyone short of rounding up a few people ahead of time, at which point a standard private lobby would likely work just as well.

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What im saying is, i would like something like the street figher V rank system. Diamonds and demotions something worth fighting for! Everyone can be a killer and i feel that’s not fair for the competitors who want’s too be separated from the casuals.


S1 killer instinct is a great example of that. The rank system was so fun!!! There were literary a hand full of real killers.

I can sympathize that the rank system could use more tiers.


I can support that.

Bro, Diamond Killer Tier sounds hype. Lol


More tiers doesn’t solve the issue the current system has which is you can only move up, and the difficulty of promoting is constantly dropping because of that. Without the ability to rank down from losses simply adding a new tier would just cause that tier to lose its meaning after a few weeks.

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That’s sounds good to me. Make things a little easier in rank for me. Like going against a 6 star killer teir today. I can’t fight a 6 star, I couldn’t even land a hit.

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Honestly, if you have no stars the game should put finding those matches at an even lower priority than finding matches in your equal tier.

I personally don’t enjoy the rank because I’m matched up with killers with 2000 wins 3000 loses lol its boring


A tournament mode like Tekken 7’s would be great to have. And maybe a tier after Killer: GOD.


A multi players tournament mode Lobby would be great, a kind of lobby with more than 8 players , or 16 of maybe 32 players maximum.

And everyone should be in the lobbys managed by a bracket generated randomly at the first entrance
It will be so Fun to have something like that for KI.

I thought there was a whole tournament mode added into Xbox live?

I still have no idea how that works lol

It works like a want ad. You setup a time to play, then send invites to people. If they agree they will get a message when it is their time to play.

At least this is my understanding of how it works.

Not only do I not have starts, I’m only in silver teir. Even at bronze and qualifier they put me against a 12 star killer. I mean crap man, we don’t even have generals in the military with that many stars.

F3SLEEP! Saw you at KIWC awesome fights. (I had to watch on twitch because I had work the next day) how do you think eagle is gunna handle? I’ve heard a couple people he’s your type of guy.

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